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Thanks for the feedback everyone :)

Unfortunately my computer is being repaired, so it is difficult for me to try other submissions.

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for trying it out!

I hope you continue to work on this game after the jam :) You started off very well. For example, it would be nice to do something with the coins collected.

Great game! I'd suggest making it a bit more fast-paced.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind when designing future maps.


This video style is inspired by Brackeys' numerous Ludum Dare videos. Thanks for checking it out!

My submission:


Hey all,

Thanks for checking out my submission.

For anyone interested, I recently published a short video on how I made this game:

Thank you!

Thanks! I wanted both controls to mirror each other, so both players have a similar hand posture.

I plan to make custom key bindings and more maps – possibly some flatter ones :)

I love how creative your take on the 'rewind' theme is. (Although the tape could be a bit longer, in my opinion) Very nice graphics as well.

I don't really get the white flashes that sometimes happen while I was playing. Overall it was a good effort.

Thanks for the feedback! I did consider that, but I wanted it to be a fast-paced action game so opted for the instant blink.

Thank you! I will make more map options in the next update.

Thanks for trying my game! Glad you got to experience 2-player action :)

I tried to mirror the controls, since WASD is also for the left hand. I will implement custom key bindings in the next update.

I really like the visuals, and the storyline behind the game :)

Jitter-clicking was a bit draining though, and on the 4th level I let the enemies pass through, lol. Got a score of 16,600.

Thank you for the feedback! You do miss out on the fast-paced action you get in 2-player though.

Thank you!

Thanks, I'm happy to hear :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely continue to work on it once I receive all feedback from the jam. Definitely considering custom key bindings, new level maps and single player vs AI.

I'll check yours in a tick :)

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't make a bullet limit so I made them bounce, so if you shoot it they can also hit you :)

Thanks for the feedback! I will included custom key bindings in the next update.

I'll try to build an AI for this in the future.

I love this evolution mechanic, it's very creative. It is a bit short though, I see you mention you haven't finished it. I hope you complete it together :)

I hope you still had fun! It's very tough to control 2 players and you don't get as much action, though.


At full charge (when the purple bar flashes), you can press SPACE / SHIFT to create a shadow. You can move around freely. When you press SPACE / SHIFT again, you return to that shadow.

At first it was slightly frustrating that the lasers kept chasing behind me, but I found a nice strategy to always move backwards and look at when the laser is about to hit me, and make short rewinds constantly.

The game was very fun after that :) I love the graphics as well, it is hard to make 3D graphics that look well and suited.

Great project, has a nice feel to the game. Love the colour choice too.

I get greeted with a black screen of nothing when I run game. Please double check if it works for you?

Hey, please try my game for TWO PLAYERS :)

I'll have a go at RetroScape now, the previews already look amazing.

I'd love to try this out, but I don't use Windows. Please make a WebGL build so it is accessible to everyone!

Nice game with creative levels. I was originally going to suggest making the player move faster, but some of the later levels require a bit more precision.

Thanks! I hope it makes an impact on the gameplay.

Preview looks nice! I don't use Windows though, is there a chance you could build a WebGL / OS X version?

Decent game, made it to the end :)

This has a lot of potential, I'd like to see more features other than the springs and moving platforms.

I'd suggest improving the character walk cycle animation, and looking at the physics engine (I got stuck in the wall a few times).

Thanks, can you expand on that?

I'll get to the key bindings but I need to reprogram the class to be static so it is saved within all scenes.

I did try to move the gun back a bit, but it looks visually unappealing so I will continue to tweak it.

I'll fix the button before the Jam ends. I see it doesn't work when the project is embedded.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll follow you.

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I need some feedback on my submission: a platformer shooter game for 2 players.

If you can grab a friend to play-test, please give me any feedback and I may be able to modify it before the deadline.

I tried to download Dungeon Runner for OS X, but I got an error saying 'The application cannot be opened'.