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wow uh thanks for giving this a go and sorry for the crash. I'm not sure I actually know enough about things to be able to do anything sorry :(

Hi thanks for playing and for your feedback! Yeah the movement isn't great, I was going for a ghosts and goblins kind of jump but it just didn't really work out.

This game is so cute! Dob is adorable, I love the idea and the look!

I really like the look and lighting in this game and enjoyed the spooky theme. Very cute!

This game is really charming! Got a bit frustrated with the difficulty in the last level but since it was the last level I think it was actually pretty appropriate. Great work!

I love the look and feel of this game but was very disheartened when I died on the tree man and had to start the level again.

Had a fun time beating this! My only complaint is that the levels are too short compared to the music so I had to sit around in the first level to listen to the whole song. I sure am glad I did though because it was a fantastic tune!

I enjoyed this one! The random generated levels increased nicely in difficulty and I didn't feel like there were any big spikes or troughs.

Had a fun time exploring the maze! Loved the level art. I didn't really find I had to pay attention to the markings that much as I just kind of tried to go everywhere I could but it was a helpful thing to have when they did show up.