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oh and can you plz help me to play untold universe. the link is Here and I dont know hot to run it on windows. the biggest bit and im really stumped.

My Time At Portia community · Created a new topic :D

it looks like a good game! i say this becuse I am downloading the game so I need to wait. but It looks really great so after I get some gameplay, I will rate and... I will play it a lot probably. well tell me some rates on this game so I can get REALLY exited when its downloaded. I will read some topics too to learn about the game so I am ready to play the game. :)

Ravenfield (Beta 5) community · Created a new topic HEY!!

they stopped making this game. there programming the one on steam forever. this version is fake becuse the other version is really still in progress while this one rots.

wheres steam?

on the latest update when you go off a horse sometimes it thinks your still on a horse then the movements all wacky.

wheres the crafting table? PLZ HELP MEE!!!!!

what does it look like at least

wheres the crafting table?

how do I kill weed?

no just uptate 7. or 8 at least i hope.

plz go to my thing

plz look at this.

plz look at my thing I made! its poop.

check out my only thing plz.

yep that too PLZ ADD THIS :D :D

yeah that too but ROCKET SHIPS IN UPTATE & :D :D :D :D _:D_

Autonauts community · Created a new topic plz add

plz add a rocket ship to the moon on uptade 7!!!!

whats new?

yeah so yep

how do I get money?