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WYRD Dungeon community · Created a new topic super fun!

played a quick duet game with my 10-yo the other day, we had a blast! character and (2 level) dungeon generation were quick enough to keep the momentum with his short attention span. i drew out each level and we used lego minifigures, letting him help with the rooms and placement. i somehow missed the to-hit rolls and just ran it auto-hit, but i made sure he had a healing spell and he got to experience some tactical withdrawals 🤣

indeed! 🤘

love the game! but your latest update doesn’t have Cosmic Orrery’s sweet cover anymore, it’s only the page of rules

like a real world representation of an in-game artifact, i could see a character using this for the same purpose, like a divining rod… cool idea!

not gonna lie, i’d have fun punching holes through the wheels and “rewinding” the “tape” with a pencil 😂 a great prompt for some physical roleplay and a neat little artifact!

i like scales and choices lol, and ya gotta have a picture of your character or a mausritter-like inventory! and yeah, looking forward to seeing how other modules can make this idea better. thanks!

maybe a bit better riff off dion’s comment lol. and a bit of my thought process behind this card, maybe to get ideas going. i’ve always enjoyed a more roleplay based character creation process than assigning points and having predefined skills that a character’s either good or bad at. and i think it’s more interesting to have “weaknesses”. a mighty and faint character can maybe carry a lot but not for very long, or can hit hard but only a couple times. maybe there’s a retired librarian and a teenage jock in the same party, but neither gets a penalty for having “low stats” in an area. and plenty of room for other modules to interact, or for the player to expand from. pick and choose from the binaries, let them be a sliding scale, or assign points and a limit, or randomize the choice somehow, just make sure you’re doing something fun and interesting!

i also enjoy that something so simple could be intriguing, and other people can ring different aspects to it. i originally meant for “errata” to be space for like other mechanics or inventory or something, but your comment made me think about it as maybe a cue for personalization or character development… intriguing indeed! thanks!

thanks! i rather like the restrictions of the format, especially for a character generator; im just glad it isnt too vague! XD

woo! ordered the print version 🐸

looks great, and would probably be fantastic risograph printed! will spin some Froglord in the background when playing 🤘