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Thanks for getting in touch!

Yes, we are planning to add more types of soldiers. For example, when we add walls and towers we will add siege units. Also, we have yet to add the most iconic and elite unit from the era. In addition, we plan to add unique units for factions, like the Egyptians using khopesh instead of sword.

When it comes to formations we are not 100% sure yet, but we will at least improve how units find a path to their destination. Right now they keep their distance to other units you command at the same time (like in Age of Empires 1), but we want them to attempt to move as a group to the same destination instead. It's a bit hard to estimate when we will have time to add this improvement.

Thanks! We've aware of these issues and will try to resolve them in the next update. Glad to hear the game is fun.

Hey! We're not sure yet. Can't promise yes or no.

Hey man, thanks for the feedback!

You can submit them here or join our Discord community and submit there.

I'm away atm, but when I get home I'll take a look. Please let us know about your issues. :)

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Hey, thanks for asking!

1. Yes, next update will feature easier AI and a Sandbox mode where you can mock around with the game mechanics without fearing attacks.

2. Our plan was to add team games in the next update, but we might release a smaller one first to address difficulty levels, and then add team games after that.

I'm away for several days but will start working on it when I get back. :)

Hi, thanks for the questions!

1. Yes, we will work on a Sandbox mode for the next update.

2. We will put this game on Steam eventually, but we feel like it needs more content first.

3. We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

We haven't started localizing to more languages yet.

Glad you like it! We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

Hey! Appreciate the offer. We haven't started localising yet so it's only in English for now. Localisation work won't start until next year sometime.

Yes, there will be more factions. I'm keeping them a secret for now, but you're on to something... ;)

I misunderstood what you wrote but gotcha now. :)

Hopefully a mini map will help. Will consider a zoom option too.

Did you find a hack or make a hack? There are no zoom options.

Appreciate the feedback!

We're on holidays at the moment but will start working on it soon. No estimated date at the moment. :)

Appreciate your feedback! We will start working on multiplayer soon and it's the next major feature we want to add.

Glad you like it! We would really like to add some sort of campaign down the track.

Thanks for the feedback! We're going to change Beginner so the enemy doesn't attack you. That way you'll get as much time as you need to learn the mechanics and set up your base.

Actually, maybe the tech tree button and the research bar at the top left is inspired from Civ. Or a coincidence. Who knows! ;)

Hey! I have no idea, sorry. This is the first time we've read about it.

Thanks for the feedback! More map options and water-based content will be added down the track. We have't thought about adding a map editor yet, but we will consider this later in development. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the feedback! To read that you have spent hours playing our humble demo is very encouraging. 

To answer your complaints:

1. I've added screen sensitivity as a setting to our to do list.
2. We primarily tested the game on friends who have played many RTS games for years, before uploading the first build, so please don't let this demotivate you. You're not the first one complaining that easy is not really easy. We want the game to be accessible to new players and will tweak the difficulty levels. Also, a unit that can heal units is on the road map!

Thanks for the bug report, will look into it!

Thanks, glad to hear you like it! 

No, one Villager per farm is the plan. :)

Appreciate the feedback! The positive feedback is definitely encouraging us to continue this project.

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You mean the game named Bronze Age that's also available here? We had not heard about that game until we registered The Fertile Crescent on this site. Actually, The Fertile Crescent was initially named The Rise of Bronze Age, until we saw the other Bronze Age game and decided to change the name so it wouldn't be to similar. :)

We've tried it recently and it's a cool game!

Thanks for the feedback!

We're contemplating letting you pick the first technology to research before the game actually starts. That way you don't have to worry about clicking around too much before settling your tribe. And also let you queue technologies so you don't have to micro the tech tree as much as now.

Thanks for the bug report, will check it out.

Thanks man! We've taken inspiration from many games. Not directly from Civ, but I've played those games a lot so it might be an unconscious thing. ;)

Most of the stuff you suggest is on the road map. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you enjoy it.

I'm uploading a small update today (Australia time) that will include Pause. 

More research and larger map types are on the road map. :)

That is correct. Fixed in the next update.

Yeah, Spearman, by a fault, currently has the same stats as Swordsman.

Yes, C#. Maybe it's less work than I perceive. I'll look into it soon. :)

Thanks for the bug report, will fix right away!

Adding a Save/Load function can be quite a bit of work so we aren't 100% sure when yet. Thanks for the comment, glad to hear you like it!

Hey man, we haven't added Save yet.

Thanks man!

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Thanks for sharing! It was fun watching how you learned from the first game and smashed it on your second attempt.

If you click on the top left button you can research new technologies.

Thanks! I guess this revealed that I'm not native English. ;)

Thanks, I enjoyed your video! Was fun to see how a new player understands the game. I'll have to work on those difficulty levels, and include a a better tutorial or in-game help button.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add a Sandbox build further down the road for players like yourself. :)
Also, several people have suggested adding a pause button, so I've added that to my to do list as well.

Thanks for the bug report!

Saving and pause is something I'll add eventually, but it's still a bit further down the track.

Thanks man, will sort it out!