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That's really weird that Steam doesn't let you purchase it? What happens?

We aim to get to GOG for 1.0.

Hi, this is something we have been considering, and so there is a chance this will happen, but we can't promise anything at the moment unfortunately.

You can customize hotkeys in the Steam version, or did it lack some features you need?

I don't think you need Proton though since the game is native for Linux?

Hey, thanks for the feedback and the idea. :)

Hey, thanks for the ideas!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! In the Steam version, we did add it so that depleted Clay Pits are automatically removed, although at the cost of reduced soil fertility for the tiles under it.

We didn't design it to be moddable, unfortunately, as when we started this, was just a fun project, and so we didn't know it would get to a point where anyone would want to mod it. It's made with Unity Engine.

Hi and sorry for the slow response! We plan to add localisation later in Early Access or for v1.0. No languages have been confirmed yet. 

Unfortunately, yes.

The newer Steam version suppprts 32-bit though.

Hello! Unfortunately save games are a bit broken in this version. We are no longer maintaining it as we are focusing on the Steam version which is currently in Early Access.

Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it :)

Hi, we haven't made any plans for this so there is not much to say yet. However, we will definitely assess this in the future. Sorry if that didn't fully answer your question, but at this point we just don't know 100%.

Care to elaborate?

The AI you play against here is scripted and not very advanced, as you say. Currently, the best part of this version, is multiplayer.

 It's a pity you can't access the Steam version, because we are currently making skirmish AI for it. It will play with the same rules as the player. We're also adding new game modes. I'm not sure when and I can't make any promises, but we'll look into releasing the game on other platforms as here on

Things to fight over is also a good suggestion, and something we plan to add as a content update to the Early Access version.

Thanks again for the feedback!

I wish I could see you play live. :)

A) We'll add this to the backlog.

I tend to select a bunch of villagers at once to help defend, and then use the "back to work" button after the battle.

We're taking note of everything you write, so thanks again.

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1) We're releasing to macOS and Linux as well, so I'm sad to read it won't be playable for you at all on Steam.

2) There are a few things you can try if you haven't already:

  • Make walls and watchtowers to defend your settlement so enemies can't get to your farmers; you can even put villagers in watchtowers if you need to so enemy axemen can't reach them (and they receive bonus armor against enemy ranged units)
  • Use your villagers as your last line of defense, as they are decent fighters against at least the first waves, and even more so with the Militia research; even use all your villagers to defend if you need to (don't let them just stand there and get killed)
  • Make sure you research Plough as soon as you have some farms to make sure food production is efficient
  • Research Code of Law after making Palace, which increases villager training speed, so you can replenish villagers you lose faster
  • Research Apothecary so villagers gain + health and heal faster
  • Always make sure you've stockpiled some food befor making additional military units to make sure you afford maintaining them

Apart from that, we thank you for your feedback ! We are working on making sure the game is accessible as possible, and one of the things we need to do is to make sure it's more clear when you're under attack.

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I did a test now and it seems save games no longer work for some reason. Unfortunately, we are currently not maintaining the version but we will add saves to the Steam version in the future which is maintained. We'll add water and boats in the future as well.

Sorry for the invoncenience! We plan to add save games to the full game but for now there are so many changes we are making as the game is still in early development, so it's hard for the save games to keep up without breaking.

Hi and sorry to hear about your issue! For the time being we are not spending resources on the version, as we're working on an upcmoming release of the game. Have you checked out the Steam Demo? It has all the same content. It doesn't have save games, but it has new art, many general improvements, and is more stable:

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Hello! I do get notified. Sorry for the slow response as well. :)

Thank you for providing more suggestions! We are thinking about introducing bovines in one way or another, probably for example aurochs as huntable food, but we don't have an ETA for it yet. We might also be looking into experiementing with domesticated animals/herding at some point, but we are very careful when it comes to adding new mechanics, to make sure they add to the fun factor and not just make the game more complex, so we'll see what happens!

Hello and good to have you back again! We're glad you like all the improvements we've added since you played last! Hopefully we can keep making you come back and enjoy what we add to the game in the future as well.

We're definitely going to add seas and fish at some point, and we will also consider adding custom maps. Thanks for the suggestions!

We are working on that.

Thanks for the feedback! With the 1v1 thing, do you mean playing against 2 computers with a friend online, or something else?

Hey, thanks for the love! We hope to continue working on this game for a long time. Let us know what you think when you try it! We are aimning for Steam early next year. :)


I saw the same problem with macOS after updating to BenSlur. I followed steps and then first time opening the file dragged to Desktop it gave me error, but then it worked the second time I tried opening it for some reason.

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Hey! We just released a small maintenance update ( ) and this was one of the bugs we attempted to sort out. The algorithm will no longer choose the last of possible resolutions, but look through all and pick the one with the largest width. If you have time to test that it works it would be greatly appreciated! We don't have screens that can rotate ourselves. :P

For a limited period you can also get the demo on Steam:

Hey! Did you try double-clicking the file to see a folder with its executable, and then drag that file to another location?

Thanks for the coverage! We can remember you following the game for a long time, which is appreciated. :)

Okay! I think I know what happens then! The game picks from a list of resolutions supported by the screen, and I assume what happens is that it picks the resolution with the highest "height", which would make sense if you can rotate the screen. I assume the game picks the "rotated" version of your screen. :) I will see if I can change this to widest "width" instead. Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply! That is really odd. The engine picks the game resolution based on screen resolution, but it doesn't pick up the correct width here... although the aspect ratio seems to be correct in windowed mode for some reason! Is it a screen you can rotate 90 degrees? I'd like to find a fix for this. :)

I'm uploading the fix right now. Thanks for making us aware of this!

You're right! I tested now and there are no enemies. Will look into it.

Are you able to add a screenshot so I can see what it looks like? We've tested on 4k screens in the past and have not seen this issue before.

I haven't seen this mentioned before either, haha!

I think we have toggled the engine to lock mouse cursor to screen because of the feature that you can move mouse to the end of the screen to move camera, like in the good 'ol RTS games. If the mouse disappears into another screen then this feature won't work very well..

Maybe something to consider as a setting to toggle for a future version?

Hey! We're using third party software for the auto-updater. I haven't seen this specific problem described before, but maybe it doesn't get proper access to write files there on your computer? On my computer administrator access is required to copy the files over to Program Files and I have the same issue.

Thanks! Appreciate it :)

Not yet, but we're probably not going to exclude other platforms. :)