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Hi, this can be one of two things:
1. You haven't dragged the .dmg file out of zip to another location before opening it.
2. Your firewall (or if you're on VPN) blocks the server from giving you the files. The files are located on Google Drive, so if Google rejects the connection, the files don't get downloaded.

Hi, do you have the newest version? I just tested a game between macOS and Windows without any issues.

I uploaded a new version Can you try again now?

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll reconsider starvation mechanic at some point.

It seems people have problem with the macOS version. I will look into this shortly.

Thanks again for reporting. :D

We've made the following changes ( and uploaded to all platforms:

- While creating unit selection box all UI buttons will ignore interaction
- The above point means that when creating selection box you will no longer see any tooltips when dragging over UI elements either
- Hotkeys are ignored while making unit selection box
- Fixed  upgraded Javelinman animations loop bugs

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Hey, I understand what is happening now. The bug was introduced in the latest update. Will fix and upload soon! :)

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Hi, I will try to upload a new version to see if it helps. No issues on Windows or macOS, which are my own test machines.

Edit: before I investigate, is this something that happens at the very beginning of the game, or are you able to construct buildings but then suddenly mid-game you are no longer able to?

Hi, thanks for commenting! It's great to read that you've become a veteran in the game. So far we've focused more on multiplayer, but we absolutely plan to implement more single player content for those who prefer to play RTS at their own pace. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Hi, sorry but we have no plans to port this over to PSVita at this point. Will focus on PC until we're further in development.

Hi, it's not using DOTS.

One day :)

Do mean user-generated or that we add more scenarios?

Hi! Garrisoned units do get an armor buff now, but we'll add looking into this to our backlog.

Hey, thanks for reporting! I am uploading a fix for this right now. It was introduced in and slipped our testing. Should be ready to download very soon. :)

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We're definitely going to work on bots, boats, more game modes, buildings etc.!
Iron and steel are outside of the scope though. :)

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Adding a new rank to our backlog.


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Thanks for the feedback! 

You aren't able to use the exit game buttons?

We aren't marketing the game yet, so people are only finding it organically. You can join our Discord and give yourself the role of looking for a game, there is a sunday hangout and play channel, and the community is holding a casual tournament (Crescent Cup) on 19th of December, so hopefully you can find someone to play.

The reason the game is still free, although we have already spent a considerable amount of effort in polishing the base game, is that it currently includes a demo mission and functional multiplayer. We'd like to include more single player content before we consider charging for it.

Hi, did you try this?

For macOs users, after you open the .dmg file, a folder with the executable should open. Make sure you drag the executable to another location, eg. desktop, before opening it.

Thanks! Glad you like the update :)

Thanks for the feedback! We haven't added save/load yet. It's on our road map though. :)

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Thanks for the feedback! Any player we can help give RTS a chance is a great win for us. :)

Yes, waypoints are not included in the next update, which will address other areas of the game, but the update after that will focus on wayposts/queueing actions for units.

The reconnect to multiplayer game we're not entirely sure about yet!


That is an old version. The newest is Try to download it and see if the problem disappears. :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

The 33 max is intentional for now, but will change in an upcoming patch. :)

Thanks for reporting the bugs. Will look into them!

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey! I've never seen or heard about this issue before, but will definitely look into it. What OS system are you playing on and are you able to see the version number in main menu below game title? Thanks! :)

Haha! That would be neat. Thanks for the feedback. :)

Thanks for the feedback!
1. Not sure if it will make it to the next patch, but yes, we will work on connecting walls between more points at some stage.
2. The idea is that it will be unusable so you need to think through where to put it.
3. Yes, this will come. Single player will start getting more focus after the next few patches. :)
4. Yes, naval warfare is part of our roadmap. 
5. That is intentional for now. We haven't found a way of preventing this yet without affecting performance too much. Line of sight algorithms can be fairly expensive, especially when there are big battles with lots of units. If you have any ideas let us know!

Hi, we have no plans for any of this at the moment. We're a small team, so maintaining x64, macOS and Linux builds is enough for us at the moment. Sorry about that! :)

Also, are you downloading and running the game launcher manually and not through the Itch app/installer?

Hi again! I only use Windows and macOS myself, and I don't have that much experience with Linux. We're exporting the Linux version as a courtesy, and most Linux users have been running the game without any issues. I suggest you check with the Discord community by asking in #general channel to see if anyone can help. Sorry that I'm not able to provide better help myself!

Oh, okay! I've seen that happen before if user tries to open from zip file without extracting files first, or if behind VPN/firewall which prevents files from being downloaded by game launcher.

Hi, are you on macOS or Linux?

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Just had a look and walls seem to update as they should after they are constructed. Gates don't though, because they have a different set of collision points that will cause problems if there are units next to it and it rotates at any time.

We will add a proper skirmish AI at some point with more map settings etc.
Regarding automatically chopping down wood, we're not 100% sure, since sometimes you might want to mine metal instead. We'll have a think about it!

Will add that the walls don't update once they're constructed to the backlog and look at it for the next update. :)

For anyone else having this problem and seeing this, it's usually caused by being behind a firewall or VPN, which causes server to deny access to download the files.

For anyone else having this problem and seeing this, it's usually caused by being behind a firewall or VPN, which causes server to deny access to download the files.