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Thank you for your comment! Age of Empires II is one of many games The Fertile Crescent draws inspiration from.

Thank you for your feedback! For the next update we will work on addressing this issue, work on more pathfinding optimisations, and add support for team games.

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for your comment! Sadly, January is a very busy month for us, so we can't promise when the next update will be worked on and uploaded. However, we DO have big plans for 2019!  At least 6 of your 7 suggestions are on our road map.

Thanks for letting us know! This problem was introduced in one of  the latest patches, so hopefully it should be an easy fix. We will  prioritise to work on this problem in the beginning of 2019.

Thanks for posting!

1. There's currently no population limit. This is not decided upon yet.

2. The Clay Pit takes a lot of digging, so the ground becomes unsuitable for placing buildings or farming. Only 1 or 2 of the planned factions will require clay for constructing buildings though. Also, you will be able to place Clay Pit next to a river when we add that to the game.

3. This sounds like a bug we need to investigate. Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks for your encouraging words!

Thanks for letting us know! We optimised pathfinding not many patches ago, but seems like we have more work to do.

Hi, we haven't actually added the outpost yet, so we changed the description of Bowman in 0.4.4 to reflect this. Thanks for asking!

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Hi and thanks for reaching out! 

We'll add a learning mission later, but for now: you use left mouse button for most actions like selecting units, buildings, clicking buttons etc., and right mouse button for ordering units to move, attack, construct, repair and harvest. You can use scroll wheel or arrow keys to move camera, or you can move camera by moving mouse to borders of the screen. Let us know if any if this doesn't work for you.

Loading times are very quick for me, only 1-2 seconds. Other devices we've tested on have the same loading times, so we're not sure why they're so slow on your computer. What specs does it have?

Hi, thanks for letting us know! We found a random image on Google and pixelated it, as a placeholder, and it didn't say anything about being from Age of Empires. We'll use something else as a background from the next version.

Hi, I've never used to Itch App myself, but I'll see if there's any reason for this when I get the opportunity.

Thanks for letting us know! We will see if we can figure out what happens when we have the opportunity.

Thanks for offering, but we're not looking for more developers at the moment. Appreciate your interest though!

Hi, thanks for sharing you video! It's really insightful to see how others play the game so thanks for filming. Appreciate all your feedback.

Hi and thank you for sharing your suggestions. You shouldn't be too surprised if you see some of them implemented in the future!

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Hello, and thank you for sharing you passion for Age of Empires, the RTS genre and our project!

We've played Age of Empires since we were little kids. I remember when I was 9 (this was in 1997) my best friend and I were camping in a tent in the yard, and we had brought a game magazine with us. In it was an article about Age of Empires. I still remember a picture of villagers standing in a circle around a shaman. I thought he was talking to them and that the game seemed really realistic!

Moving on from nostalgia, our goal is not to mimic Age of Empires. We understand that the inspiration from Age of Empires is the most obvious, but it's inspired by a handful of RTS games that we love. However, most of all, the game mechanics are inspired by history.

We did initially experiment with upgrading through ages (one of my favourite features in Age of Empires), but it was an idea we quickly tossed away. The Fertility Crescent will only focus on the Bronze Age of the Near East. 

Another obvious difference is how technology is researched. For example, we initially implemented that technology has to be researched in buildings, like in AOE, but we soon discovered that for our concept a technology tree is a lot more powerful. You have a better overview of technology research because everything is in one place, and part of our vision is broader paths of strategy.

To answer your other questions:
- Queuing construction of buildings for villagers is definitely something we'll look into when we start implementing walls.
- We're not planning to add upgradable units like the ones you find in Age of Empires. To improve your units you will need to research certain technologies (like Composite Bow for Bowman) or equip units with copper and bronze equipment in the Furnace.
- We will keep a free version of the game on, but for the premium version we will have to charge everyone to be able to support development, servers etc. These types of games take thousands of hours to develop and we have families to provide for. The price will reflect the amount of content and won't be ridiculously high - promise! :)

Of the content you're suggesting at least 7 of the bullet points are 100% planned. We'll just have to wait and see about the rest!

Not at all! We know we still have a long way to go and all suggestions and feedback are valuable. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll think carefully about everything you suggest.

We're going to add proper skirmish AI at some point, but AI for RTS games are difficult to implement so we will need time to do it well.

We're not sure how we'll handle this yet since it won't happen in a while, but we might keep one version for free and release a separate version with more content for a cost.

Glad to hear!

That's a good suggestion. Adding to backlog.

Thanks for asking!

We plan to release a version at a cost eventually so we're able to support and spend more time on development and pay for servers, but this is still a while away and won't happen until we have added enough content to justify it. For the time being our primary focus will be on improving game mechanics, continue developing the base-game (adding base defence, animals, rest of planned buildings etc.), multiplayer functionality, and lastly, AI for Skirmish mode. Then we'll take it from there!

Hi and thanks for the suggestions!

I can't promise we'll implement all of your suggestions, but at least 2 of them are already planned, and some of the others are very interesting and something we'll add to our backlog. Thanks again!

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Hey, thanks for getting in touch and asking!

Do you mean world map editor? We haven't thought about that yet as it's something that will take time to develop. We're focusing on the game mechanics first.

We wrote 'Demo' to represent the level of content in the game to narrow your expectations. It's still an alpha version. But, maybe we should rename to 'Alpha' instead because all the content we've developed for the game so far is in the build you can download.

Hey, sorry to hear about your experience! We just released a new version and have never encountered that bug ourselves. Hopefully it won't happen again in the new version.

Thanks man, will keep you in mind!

Appreciate the comments!

More music tracks will be added down the track. We're going to experiment with interactive music that changes according to the development of your civilisation. More on this later...

Obsidian is removed in the next update because it confused some players, and also to make room for another new resource. Luckily, nothing is set in stone, so we can always revert back if the changes aren't good.

We'll have a think about darker UI. Can't promise anything on this yet.

We've updated the house and made it "bulkier" after reading your comment. You'll see it in the next update. Thanks for the feedback.

We haven't started localising yet, but when we do I'll keep you in mind. Thanks!


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Thanks for getting in touch!

Yes, we are planning to add more types of soldiers. For example, when we add walls and towers we will add siege units. Also, we have yet to add the most iconic and elite unit from the era. In addition, we plan to add unique units for factions, like the Egyptians using khopesh instead of sword.

When it comes to formations we are not 100% sure yet, but we will at least improve how units find a path to their destination. Right now they keep their distance to other units you command at the same time (like in Age of Empires 1), but we want them to attempt to move as a group to the same destination instead. It's a bit hard to estimate when we will have time to add this improvement.

Thanks! We've aware of these issues and will try to resolve them in the next update. Glad to hear the game is fun.

Hey! We're not sure yet. Can't promise yes or no.

Hey man, thanks for the feedback!

You can submit them here or join our Discord community and submit there.

I'm away atm, but when I get home I'll take a look. Please let us know about your issues. :)

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Hey, thanks for asking!

1. Yes, next update will feature easier AI and a Sandbox mode where you can mock around with the game mechanics without fearing attacks.

2. Our plan was to add team games in the next update, but we might release a smaller one first to address difficulty levels, and then add team games after that.

I'm away for several days but will start working on it when I get back. :)

Hi, thanks for the questions!

1. Yes, we will work on a Sandbox mode for the next update.

2. We will put this game on Steam eventually, but we feel like it needs more content first.

3. We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

We haven't started localizing to more languages yet.

Glad you like it! We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

Hey! Appreciate the offer. We haven't started localising yet so it's only in English for now. Localisation work won't start until next year sometime.

Yes, there will be more factions. I'm keeping them a secret for now, but you're on to something... ;)

I misunderstood what you wrote but gotcha now. :)

Hopefully a mini map will help. Will consider a zoom option too.

Did you find a hack or make a hack? There are no zoom options.