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haha yea

It's hard to find and become involved in projects that stay afloat, so I'm willing to offer my art for free just to get some portfolio work! I'm just looking to help characters come to life and I have little interest in writing any kind of story/script since that's not what I'm here for.

I am interested in most projects, but I've always wanted to do art for a Visual Novel, so those will take priority!

I'm best at:

- Character Design and Character Portraits

I am not a:

- Background/Item/UI Artist

Art Examples

Please contact me on Discord if you're interested!  LimeBear#2507

I have experience with commissions and selling artwork in general, but I've never been involved in a completed game/project. I would like to work with a group (or help start a group) that will see the game through to completion.

If you're paying that's cool, if not that's fine too, I just want to help work on a game! (I would prefer to work on a VN, but if your game sounds interesting enough to me I'll gladly lend my help)

Link to some of my artwork: 

Discord is LimeBear#2507 - I will respond faster if you shoot me a message there!

What's your discord? I'll try and add you, a lot of people have trouble adding my discord!

What's your discord? I'll try adding you 

Thank you!!

Yes, that’s me! 

Hello, I'm a concept and character design artist, and I'd love to help with some art for any projects! I mainly excel in redesigning characters and environments based on any information/concept sketches given to me. I have done commission work on and off for the past 2 years and would love to work on something more steady and long term. Working with people who are open to change and constructive criticism throughout the process, would be a plus!

/Concept Artist/ Character Designer, Character Portraiture for Visual Novels/RPG's/etc./


Please contact me through the comments below, or shoot me a message through Discord - (The Ole' Razzle Dazzle #2507)

Hello! I'm interested in doing concept art/character design (if you even need that this far in) and character portraits. Here's a link to some of my work. Would love to hear back from you, thanks !
I haven't worked on any huge projects, but I do have a couple years of commission work under my belt :)

Hello! I'm interested in creating character sprites for your visual novel! Please take a look at some of my work, if you'd like to contact me further you can message me on discord (Pokiwi Kiwi #2507)

I do have a writer already, but if any of your friends have some experience with programming simple mini games into a visual novel that would be great! Thanks for commenting!

I've actually started discussing some things with two other programmers, but I will definitely keep you in mind! Thank you for your interest :)

Weird, I haven't gotten a notification?

Yea, my User is Pokiwi Kiwi#2507 !

All right, I'll bite haha! Do you have any experience working on visual novels? The genre is Romance/Comedy/LGBT!

I'd very much rather pay someone! If someone is getting paid then I know the quality and everything will be just how I want it, also motivation comes into play when someone's getting paid to do a job.

That could work as well! Do you have any examples of programming visual novels? If so, how much are you expecting to make if I gave you the script and all of the assets necessary to program it?

I'm currently working on making the character designs/ background art/ misc of a visual novel called, 'Oh Gosh! I'm Gay!' (Romance Visual Novel). I'm not very well versed in writing or programming so I'm looking to hire some people who could do that, it will be a one off project as I am not looking to create a team. Looking to put this project on kickstarter as well, if the project gets funded I'll definitely use the funds to hire some of you wonderful writers/programmers! (Even if the project doesn't get fully funded I may still hire some people here for a smaller project)

If interested please leave a comment :)