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[Artist] Looking to join a project, for experience!

A topic by LimeBear created Oct 25, 2019 Views: 578 Replies: 11
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Hello, I'm a concept and character design artist, and I'd love to help with some art for any projects! I mainly excel in redesigning characters and environments based on any information/concept sketches given to me. I have done commission work on and off for the past 2 years and would love to work on something more steady and long term. Working with people who are open to change and constructive criticism throughout the process, would be a plus!

/Concept Artist/ Character Designer, Character Portraiture for Visual Novels/RPG's/etc./


Please contact me through the comments below, or shoot me a message through Discord - (The Ole' Razzle Dazzle #2507)

Hi, I try to add your discord but it seems the bot can't find you, it is The Ole' Razzle Dazzle #2507 right?

Yes, that’s me! 

I tried adding you too, but I couldn't

What's your discord? I'll try adding you 


This is unrelated, but I really want to see someone turn The Saga of Rodney Toady by Giles, Giles and Fripp into a picture book


Hey! Just wanted to say that I think your art is gorgeous and I'd love to see it in a game!

Thank you!!

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Hey I'd been keen to chat, I'll send you a discord request 

Edit: seem to be having some issues with the discord name given, says it doesn't exist? 

What's your discord? I'll try and add you, a lot of people have trouble adding my discord!


Hopefully that works! 

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