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Amazing, thanks so much YAL!

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Hi YAL, I'm having an issue when trying to live load a room with a tile layer.
Currently using the latest version of GMLive (Just downloaded it again and tested to make sure) & GMS2 (v2022.8.0.50)

I'm getting the following crash.

I double checked and tested things with a completely clean project but am getting the same crash.
Having a look through the debugger, it looks like there's no "TileSerialiseData" key inside the l_qti ds_map so l_qtd crashes with an undefined.

Is there something I've set up incorrectly that could potentially cause this or has the new tile layer compression caused the issue?
I should mention, it's the first time I've used room reloading and everything else (instance, background, sprite layers etc) seem to work fine.

Ah gotcha, thanks for the explanation and info!

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Hi there, love the tool!

Just wondering if there's a way to make a filled font with an outline?
Looking convert this: