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sure, this issue resolved itself. Could you contact me on discord with your player.log and key.txt? I'll check it for you

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Hi mate, sorry to hear that. It should still work fine. Could you send me your Player.log file and your key.txt to my discord? I'll troubleshoot it for you. Just for your peace of mind if things don't work out for you I'm happy to refund you <3

yep, all of the bundles have customer supports. Id say even free game & mods get supports as well! <3

its not quite hard but you gave me an idea. let me see how i could do for it

Good suggestion. Its not there yet but can be achieved by modding. Are you familiar with modding game via Unity SDK? If yes I could add this feature for you

Well, chopping off body parts isn't hard and potentially doable. The second one is much more difficult. The best I could do is some ripping spell when you can rip out internal organisms like in Mortal Kombat

it has been fixed!

Hi Eagle, thank you for letting us know. A fix is on the way!

thx mate, I'll see if I can do it

hm, i don't think i could do this. but some other devs may be interested in it! <3

what do you suggest?

Thank you good sir <3

Ill see what i can do

Its possible but it cant be as good as VR. Ill add this feature later


So it works now. Would you mind deleting this post? :-p

Which vive? Please send me a support ticket in my Discord. ill help you :)


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its a PCVR game. You need a PC for it. Atm i dont think standalone Quest can run this game

This mod comes with a free demo which you can download for free: Ryan Reos Girl 7 - Primrose Milk Girl by Lil Husky VR (