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Oh hey, thanks so much! Haha glad you enjoyed it, and i'm still very new to composing music so that's why it wasn't the best or there wasn't a lot going on in the song. But again, thank you so much! :D

This is an amazing concept! If you polish it up a bit, make the controls more smooth and the graphics a bit better this would actually be an amazing game!

Game broke if i went to the bottom left corner rather than top right in the beginning

The switching of colors has too much of a delay, on the third level where you had to fall and switch colors, i was stuck doing it about 20 times

It's a bit buggy, when sliding off of ramps the character gets stuck for quite awhile, and sometimes gets put off orientation

It's a bit boring without any music, and it could do with some polish. I also got stuck in the room where it says "Try dying here" and maybe it's just me but I couldn't get the menu to work

HAHA that was great! I loved turning on violence mode, it made me laugh.

It's a cool concept but I felt kinda sluggish when moving and looking around. Even when running I was still going at a walking pace. 

oh haha I was kind of trying to do what Undertale did if you've ever seen that game, I thought it could make for a cool concept.

haha thats what I was hoping to achieve! 


Pretty funny