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WhaleHusband, I wanted to let you now that I liked your game!

The 'salad-fingers' vibe is creepy and I liked it. The overall game was a bit more vulgar/gory than I normally like. (I didn't watch the Saw movies). However, I love the multiple endings. The voice acting for still frames plus Gwen Sleeveless was nice. The controls, sound effects and models were all very good. I especially was impressed with the end of the Waltz. That bit where you must spin in a circle. I make simple games in Unity for my kids and I was like, "Oh what a bit of code this must have taken to get right". Also, I like the overall narrative, its not simply join a cult, there is motive and then there are consequences. It reminds me of 'The Seventh Gate' in that way.

I like 'walking simulators' and BD has enough stuff to engage with, that it is compelling. It only takes about an hour to get all the endings, and I like that. I like to sit down and spend an evening in a story, much like watching a movie. Plus when you offer it for $4 I don't mind taking a chance, if its garbage I won't feel like I've wasted my money. Though, I don't feel that way :).

So, keep it up, do more, make more games like this!

Thanks for the troubleshooting. I know that's no fun with just the two of you. I'm usually quite computer literate too so I hate that you're having to give me basic instructions like this. In a non-condescending voice the above won't help, I'm beyond the basic stuffs. To be honest I think my cpu is trying to die. The last few days its been acting funny, when I change shaders in Unity or render in Blender it will do the same sort of freeze and load forever. So at this point I don't think its the software on your end.

I did go ahead and buy it on Steam though because I wanted to play it. So consider me fixed ha ha and you guys move on to making more games!

First off, yeah my bad it is a .zip lol. Derp //

Windows 10

i5-4690 @3.5GHz

16gb DDR3 Ram

EVGA gtx970

Also, I downloaded the 32bit file and tried it too. Same thing. When I double click the application, the mouse turns into the spinning (I'm thinking/loading) icon and stays that way. It locks up file explorer too. I can't open or close or navigate anything in file explorer while its stuck. Then when I ctrl+alt+del and close file/windows explorer through task manager I lose the taskbar ha ha.

I've extracted the rar files out to a new folder >> and I have an application "BucketDetective_Win64bit" that when I double click it just gives me the loading icon forever?

I'm sure I have WinX64 :P, I see this is a Unity game, do I need to install something first?

Sorry if this is a dumb question!

I bought Read Only Memories on Steam a few months ago. Absolutely loved it. I have not done many games of this style, click to point or interactive novel or whatever its called. But this game kept pulling me back night after night to get more of the story. Great characters, great setting. The art is awesome and I enjoyed the sounds as well. If you're on the fence I say go for it!

Its Finished! Yay! Now back to the drawing board for a more skate-like experience lol.

This was my first game, and for me it was more of a "just complete one" project rather than a labor of love. It is simple, unpolished and not what I wanted to be working on. However, that said, it was a great exercise, and having completed a whole game top to bottom myself, I have the confidence to really invest time into a great project! I'm so excited this is over and I can move onto the next project!

Also try to have a laugh at how bad the textures and audio is ha ha ha!

I like the set up of the puzzles and the environment. Great puzzles m8 keep it up!