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Hello! Are you still making games? Could you reupload your games here? I remember playing them but can't find them on my hard drive. Cheers!

Two tiny bugs found when the "tourism" config is disabled, the shooting traps don't work anymore and  shotgun has unlimited ammo.

But now you know that this "free asset" is from another game, and is not a "free asset" actually, just somebody ripped it from the OG game and published without sourcing. But now you know the source, so you could just, you know, add this tiny bit of info to the game page. Dunno what's so weird about it?

The fact that your old game was stolen, retitled and republished is of course abhorrent, no question about it.

I personally loved Hyper Tank as a kid, dunno which game op had in mind. Great collection, btw!

any chance for downloadable version?

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this is totes my favourite game of yours. reminds me batsugun somehow.