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Bought this one near-immediately, lovely game to spend weekend with! And maybe try to get through the first one, finally :F

Yeah, wanted to play this on sd2iec too... guys, any chance for a .PRG release?

Hey man, glad to see you still making games. Got a notification that you increased the prices and saw Enforcer Manifesto for more than 40 bucks. Did something happen that you need so much money?

Also did you remove any of your games from your profile?

cheers and take care

Sorry for late reply.

I'm using DOOM2 as an IWAD, doom_complete.pk3 generated with the latest version of WadSmoosh (incl. the Master Levels).

I think the problem was caused by me using the DoomLauncher to run the mod, and probably something went wrong with loading order. I've just ran the mod by making a shortcut to gzdoom with appropiate -file parameters, and the maps load as they should.

Super sorry for confusion!

Great initiative, a really well thought-of compendium of classic Doom maps.

Bug report: "unable to open map 'ML_MAP06'" after completing CPU.

Hello! Are you still making games? Could you reupload your games here? I remember playing them but can't find them on my hard drive. Cheers!

Two tiny bugs found when the "tourism" config is disabled, the shooting traps don't work anymore and  shotgun has unlimited ammo.

But now you know that this "free asset" is from another game, and is not a "free asset" actually, just somebody ripped it from the OG game and published without sourcing. But now you know the source, so you could just, you know, add this tiny bit of info to the game page. Dunno what's so weird about it?

The fact that your old game was stolen, retitled and republished is of course abhorrent, no question about it.

I personally loved Hyper Tank as a kid, dunno which game op had in mind. Great collection, btw!

any chance for downloadable version?

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this is totes my favourite game of yours. reminds me batsugun somehow.