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ahhh i love this palette and the characters are so cute!!

[day 04 update]

i didn't get to work yesterday because something came up, but today i revised the intro to my game and am now set up to get through the main body of it writing-wise!! the exciting news is that, with the help of my friend, i got some rotating variables to work in my flavor text!! i'm excited to find places to sneak these in just to add a little bit of interactivity to a pretty linear story. 

i'm gonna try to finish writing and coding by sunday, monday at the latest, so i can spend tues styling and the rest of the time allotment making some quick assets!!! ill probably spend lunch tomorrow sketching some sprites so that i can have some visual updates to offer in the evening.

thank you and ME TOO!! all of them seem so fun!!

hi hi !! yeah i saw your tweet and something in my brain yelled that this was the year so here i am, for better or for worse!! here’s to us, sneaking in some games after working. i’m so excited to watch your game come to life!! 

[day 02 update]

i spent my lunch break today fully outlining the story and it's a nice, short, manageable thing to implement. i'm gonna try writing some of the intro dialogue before i go to sleep and work on just writing and troubleshooting through the end of the week. i also need to make some time this weekend to design some default outfits for the ladies. i'm hoping to finish by friday so that i have all of next week to focus on doing something interesting with the look of the game.

not the most thrilling update but while doing some cursory research today i found out that the incas used to treat athsma with cocaine, so you know.

TIS THE SNEEZY SEASON. the sneason? anyway THANK U i am ... hoping i finish it before it finishes me

hello !! 

i have been staring at this jam for two years, but in this the year of our lord 2019 i am trying to actually make time to do things i actually want to do. so, better late than never.

love & pollen will (ideally) be a short-and-sweet twine game centered around a princess with severe allergies and a long to-do list, and her family's long-besotted court magician trying to find her some non-drowsy remedies. is this based on the fact that i am currently pumping claritin into my flesh vessel every 24 hours on the dot? who's to say. 

given my quickly accelerating work schedule i am using characters i've already developed in a world i already know, leaving me to just write a quick plot/dialogue, code, and throw in some visuals. at minimum i'd like to have at least a couple of quick sprites for the two main ladies and at least one for a few of the side characters that might make appearances. my goal for tomorrow/tuesday is to outline the story and then make a list of priority and secondary assets to make. my goal is to write and code during my lunch breaks at work and produce assets after i make dinner in the evening, so here's hoping that i can get something done before the deadline!

here's a quick doodle of the ladies! it's the court magician, tea (tay-uh) on the left and the princess, del, on the right. 

i've been sneakily perusing everyone else's pitches and i'm very excited to see what'll come of this jam!!