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Napiszę bez ogródek - nie pobiorę tej produkcji, ale zostawię chociaż komentarz, żeby nabić aktywność i wesprzeć twoją/waszą działalność

Życzę pomyślności 

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Wo, pierwszy raz widzę tutaj grę, która jest dostępna po polsku .o.
Czekam na wersję finalną.

I gave this game a try.
It looks pretty proffesional - the graphic, gameplay. But unfortunately my graphic card is a potato and even on the lowest settings it was "kinda"lagging. But I managed to reach to the first (obviously bad) ending. I liked that first puzzles were made with thought of average person like me. I'm not Sherlock, but when I solved these puzzles, I felt satisfacion, like wow, it's that kind of game, when I don't need a walkthrough. Apart from the fact that later I didn't know how to get the other ending. xd But even If I wanted to try explore room again, my pc didn't allow me to do it. 

I also liked that I could ask Carl about his private life. v: I admit - I like romance, so it was nice option for a shipper like me.

I would like to write more, but my english limits me. So again - nice game and I wish you patience and fun with making your future projects.

I haven't played all the game (even half, due one puzzle), but I can tell that it's one of those, which keeps you in suspense in every minute. So if you're looking for scary horror (but not the one which is only packed with jump scares), then I recommend this.

Maybe I will try play this again and write something more later.

I've played dragon's route and this was so cute. ^^ I hadn't expected that they would conffesed to each other so fast. It's a pity that the endings weren't more expanded, espiacally in sword's route. It would be interesting to see their future (for example sword in human form).

I have no words to describe how this game is great.

Omg, i did it finally! xD I had to have a few attempts, but i did it. :v

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English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for all my mistakes. :v It's the first time when I write longer comment in english and I'm doing it because it's one of the best visual novels that i have ever played (or read). So many choices, great characters, nice art. I liked best Arantis, but unfortunately I couldn't get route with him :< This asshole friendzoned me. I tried twice, but I failed. The second best character (for me) of course is Xander. I could transcribe (?) more, but I better end up this comment here. xd

 I wanted you to know that your game is amazing  even if it's not that popular. I hope that you won't stop making visual novels/games.

*What I would have done without uncle google? :v*