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English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for all my mistakes. :v It's the first time when I write longer comment in english and I'm doing it because it's one of the best visual novels that i have ever played (or read). So many choices, great characters, nice art. I liked best Arantis, but unfortunately I couldn't get route with him :< This asshole friendzoned me. I tried twice, but I failed. The second best character (for me) of course is Xander. I could transcribe (?) more, but I better end up this comment here. xd

 I wanted you to know that your game is amazing  even if it's not that popular. I hope that you won't stop making visual novels/games.

*What I would have done without uncle google? :v*

Thanks so much for your comment! It means a lot to me you put an effort to write this and let me know you like my game :) It really encourages me to make more games in the future!

"English is not my native language" - hey, same here :) There are otome fans all over the world, so it doesn't matter.

PS.  A little tip - Arantis likes a challenge and a little bit of bickering, so don't be too amenable to him.  

Third time's a charm! (if not contact me via e-mail and I will help you win his heart <3 ) 

Omg, i did it finally! xD I had to have a few attempts, but i did it. :v

Congratulations! You get Arantis as a reward :)