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I gave this game a try.
It looks pretty proffesional - the graphic, gameplay. But unfortunately my graphic card is a potato and even on the lowest settings it was "kinda"lagging. But I managed to reach to the first (obviously bad) ending. I liked that first puzzles were made with thought of average person like me. I'm not Sherlock, but when I solved these puzzles, I felt satisfacion, like wow, it's that kind of game, when I don't need a walkthrough. Apart from the fact that later I didn't know how to get the other ending. xd But even If I wanted to try explore room again, my pc didn't allow me to do it. 

I also liked that I could ask Carl about his private life. v: I admit - I like romance, so it was nice option for a shipper like me.

I would like to write more, but my english limits me. So again - nice game and I wish you patience and fun with making your future projects.

Thanks for playing and for the nice comments. I'm sorry to hear about the performance issues.

The game engine we used recently had some updates that help performance on mid/low tier hardware and mobile. We're looking into them, so there may be hope for a version of the game that's more friendly to less powerful hardware. We'll keep the dev log posted.

Glad you enjoyed the game in spite of the lag. If you don't mind, we'd appreciate you emailing us your computer specs to Information like that really helps in developing the game. Thanks!