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Simple and fun game :)  The first two levels I thought it would be super easy, but then at the third level I was already struggeling :D

I agree with SeaFerret that it would be nice if the enemies were a bit more predictable. Especially in the later levels it takes a while to study their movements.

Great game! I especially liked the art and the audio as well.

I didn't realise I was able to "drag" my attacks until I read it in one of the comments. 

In terms of graphics keeping all the pixel art a consistent size would be the only thing I can think of, but that's being really nit-picky.

Congratulations on this amazing entry!

Hey :) Just deleted my comment, because I think there was a mix-up with the submission page and a game I was playing. This game was simple but a lot of fun! I had an issue though that sometimes the vampire would just stop with no reason, which made it very hard :(

Nice entry, cool concept as well! We were also playing with the idea of making a hospital game with a blood stealing vampire (as you mentioned in your game description.

As some of the other commenters already said some sound would have really been nice. What worked for me in the past was generating some quick sound effects on here:

I probably missed it, but was there some sort of way to tell which guests had blood A type, or was it more of a trial and error thing?

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Great entry, especially the art and sound are amazing!

The start was a little bit slow, but apart from that not much to complain about :)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we ran out of time with the sound effects, the only one we did was when a bat explodes and that one is actually a mouth sound haha. I think you're totally right that more mouth sound effects would have really helped  :)

Loved the combination of pixel art and 3D. The characters looked great! Especially with the animations.

Quite a cool concept and I like how you spun blood is lethal into blood being detected is lethal. 

I'm not sure if it was a bug, but sometimes I wasn't able to kill the intruders even when  as standing right next to them, and also nothing happened when I got to 100 suspicion, but maybe I'm missing something 😅

Anyway, really nice entry, especially for two days 😊

Haha nice reminded me of Temple Run back then. It had a similar feel to it. The mood and atmosphere of the game is really nice! Also I was so happy once I was a bat for the first time. It seemed like coming down from being a bat was a bit hard sometimes, so maybe having a few secons of invincibility after coming down would be a bit more fair to the player.

Really polished, fun game And even with a highscore which definetely adds to the fun :)

No casualties at all :) I love these kind of games. You had a good variety of vampires to not make it too easy. It was fun to look through them all. The full screen mode didn't resize properly for me, so I had to play it in small, that would maybe be a good fix for after the jam.

Also loved the simply little idling animation and the music :)

First I couldn't figure out how to avoid or kill the people with the knives.  Then luckily I saw here that sucking blood charges the attack. It's a coolidea and I like your pixel art atmosphere. I still thought it was a little bit hard, because the attackers came in so fast.

Tried really long to figure out what costumers want, but somehow I didn't get it. I only satisfied one customer, everyone else was angry :( I read through the manual 3 times, but I suppose I still missed something. Do all of them want some blood? I think a little more time for tutorial and possibly a bit of a simpler system for serving drinks would have helped.

I thought the art style was very interesting though. Similar to pixel art but with more detailed textures. Would love to see more of that :)

Had a 3430 score and feel proud about it. :) Love the juiciness of the game, there is so much going on! I think it would be cool if something more would be happen through animations after getting points, so that I would feel even better for getting those sweet 1000 points.

Hey, I'm not on a Windows computer. I would love to try the game. Would you be able to add a WebGL build?

This was so cool! It was a bit tricky for me to understand at the beginning (the area where you don't receive light wasn't obvious enough), but through your incorporation of helping texts throughout the first level it was easy to learn how to play the game. 

Original game that also looks cool, what else can you wish for? :)

The levels were very originals and I loved the mechanic and the problem solving for the levels. 

I also really enjoy your pixel art style with that very minimal color palette. I think for the art to look even better, you should try to stick to the same pixel size everywhere. That way it just would look even more coherent. (at least it seemed inconsistent to me)

Overall really impressive!

I have to agree, it was very hard for me to get anywhere. On my screen it was also hard to seee where the shadows are .However I think the idea is very good!

I've got 84 kills :) But I'm radiant burst all the way, it seemed like the more powerful weapon to me. I liked your moon indicator, but I got a bit confused about them at first (I thought the moon was the moon power, but that was the health bar right?).  Was a good bit of fun trying to kill as many as possible.

Somehow had a hard time with the "q" button in the beginning, but then it worked out. I needed a few tries to make it in time, but I did :)

Nice entry! Also reminded me of Vampire Survivor. Some feedback:

I always chose things that got me more XP whenever I could, which led to me just getting an upgrade for almost every enemy I killed which interrupted the game flow quite a bit. But as I said, nice entry, keep it up! :)

I don't know how that got in there, removed it. Thanks for letting me know!

Amazing! Congrats! 🏆 I never even got close to that kind of score 😅

Glad you had fun! :D I have to admit we need to work on how to communicate the game idea a little better maybe haha

We're actually thinking about making this an app, in case you're interested here's a newsletter where we'll send out an email, if we ever do so

I'm so glad you loved it! I checked out some of your games as well and they look and feel amazing! <3

A few people asked for this so we just set up a newsletter in case we decide to go mobile with

Happy you enjoyed it! I think I'm gonna return to this one when I have more time.
I'll definitely will check yours out as well!

Thanks a lot! I'm just working on a small roguelike with your dungeon tileset and this came right on time :)

Great game! I really like the visuals...Initially I didn't use the mechanic too much...Maybe it would be cool if the player was forced to use it earlier in the game. I think it's a cool idea overall and you should definitely keep at it, I'll check the project out from time to time!

Great game, I really liked the idea! It took me a while to figure out how to turn the tiles, but after I found that out, it was definitely a blast!

Really neat graphics style!