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Lets rock

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At least it has Potential ;)

Also available on IOS  

Very nice little Game (played it for 10 Hours on my Phone )

Please add an 64 bit linux version for the game ... 

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It is now free on Epicgames (in the most countries)



Happy Birthday

Bear !

Happy Birthday

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Nice a new Projekt 

Thanks endline

Like to try it out

why is it the demo version ?

Nice video btw

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go to the menu of the game show the details go to settings  and uninstall the game in the app

Nice new picture

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the new version (115) doesnt work well 

Cause it crashes if you build Something

Lets see

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It seems that you forgot to tell us about your discord server or do you close it ?

Nice game !!

Please try an Mac version of the game

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You can make a server ,where everyone can join, as it shown in this tutorial (if you have windows)

or see this site:

If you are in game you have to use esc to come to a menu were you can host a local server

How long does it take to make ?

And will be there a linux version soon ?

Nice !

The first one is in the window mode and a lot tineer than the other window ,wich is then nearly in the Fullscreen-mode (after switching)

And yes I play version 13.1

I found a new Bug in the latest version : If you change the resolution in the void you dont change the resoulution if you switch back to the Farm.

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You cant Change the resolution in the newest Version.

Edit:  And the Items fall trough the ground (again)

Edit 2 Thanks for fixing

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Bug report : If you start the game in the window mode and change the format you can see the complete map withaut buying an land upgrade .

Also blink the description of the money if you hover over it cause of changing the size ( not so important but also nice to know)

Hope i  help you :)

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Nice that you fix everything i said and you might know about it, but if there are to many items one place  there glitching througt the  ground.

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As you can see or cant is the cursor under the menu where you can choose your screen resolution.

sorry for the blinking :)

And nice that you can see how much you gain (per croop).