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Thank you! 😊 There’s a lot in it, I’m glad it sounds interesting!

Super glitchy, but excellent game! Well worth polishing more, if the devs decide to. The art is charming, the power up arc is satisfying. Some really excellent design in here!

Same! :D

I love the dialogue in this game! :D

Is there a walkthrough for getting all the endings? Or, how can I bring the alchemist something meaningful of my own? I know several places that I can write letters now, but the game always ends right after I write them.

No worries, I really appreciate you looking into it, thank you!

I played for a couple of hours on my PC. Very fun game! :D I liked how simple travel was, so every location felt unique and discrete, but still easily accessible (because travel had no cost). Very fun managing stat resources vs. time vs. inventory resources to try and accomplish certain goals. Nice job! :)

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Hi, thank you so much for looking into this! I really appreciate it.

Here’s a screenshot of the error:

Model: Pixel 7
Hardware version: MP1.0
Android version: 13
Build number: TQ2A.230505.002
8GB free storage space
I have the stock Google ROM. My phone is rooted with Magisk.

I’ll plan to play Nirmita on my PC for now, when I have time to sit at my computer. Thank you again for looking at this! Let me know if any more information woukd be helpful, or if you’d like me to try something on my device. :)

Sounds good, thanks! The game wom’t install at all on my Android phone (I have Android 13 on my phone), and the error I get is that the app “isn’t compatible with the latest version of Android.”

Thanks for the quick response! Good luck whenever you look into this. Thanks! :)

Hey, just tried to download the apk for Android and got the error it wasn’t compatible with the latest version of Android (I have Android 13). Any chance the demo will be updated? It looks like a lot of fun! 😄

Hey, not sure if you’re still working on this project, but the Android version is no longer compatible with the latest version of Android (error I got trying to install the apk from the downloads and from Google Play). Just thought I’d let you know, in case you’d like to update it. I’d love to try it on my phone! :) Looks like a really fun game!

Thank you, your fix worked for me! :D It is a very nice proof of concept! I really liked the tactical grid combined with the visual novel-style combat choices. None of the HP bars went down for me, i.e. it didn’t look like anyone was taking damage during the fight, either my characters or the dockers–I’m not sure if that’s a bug or just wasn’t finished for the demo, but I thought I’d let you know.

Thanks for wishlisting Upheaval! <3 I appreciate your well wishes! :)

This looks really cool! Any chance you could update the Google Play version for the latest version of Android? Thanks! :)

Hey! I’m really excited to try this game, but when I downloaded it and ran it, I couldn’t figure out how to progress. Based on your screenshots, I think the “Next” button was cut off for me–I couldn’t click it, so I couldn’t continue past the first page. The music is really nice, though! Did you write it, or did you get it somewhere else?

I started it on my one screen which is 1366x768, and then moved it over to my second screen which is 1920x1080. Neither one seemed to help. I figured out that ESC opens the menu, which also looks a little funny. I included screenshots below. Hopefully they’re helpful to you!

I’m really excited to try this proof of concept out. :) It looks very cool!

Thank you! I love this update! The new tiles are so fun! I especially like the Building and the Fields. :)

The campaign mode seems to go back to an earlier level when I hit the “play” button in the post level screen. I have to go out and back into campaign mode to select the next level, which is a pain.

I also would still like to be able to admire each finished level for as long as I like after I complete it, but before it fades away into the post-level screen, and I’d still like to play another free play level of the same difficulty immediately after completing one (when I hit the play button after completing a free play level).

Awesome work! :D I play this game on my phone when I’m waiting for a few minutes for a slow program or food to reheat or something. Very fun! Thanks for all your hard work. :)

I think you could add new tiles without the player getting lost in a flood of exotic mechanics. For example, you could have a set/type of levels that have a single additional tile (like a park that needs to have at least 3 houses around it or something you think would work better), and then swap that tile out for other tiles in other sets/types of levels. That way there is depth in that there is variety of mechanics, but they’re not all at the same time so they shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Just an idea! Love the game. :)

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I’d like to be able to play another level of the same type and difficulty when I hit the flashing “Play” button at the end of each level. Going back to the level select screen each time between levels is jarring.

EDIT: I would also love to be able to look at the finished level for as long as I want before the “level end” screen appears. Especially on the bigger levels, it’s so satisfying to see the whole level complete, and I’d like to just revel in that for a while when I beat the level.

No worries, life is more important. Good luck with this project whenever you get back to it! :D

I downloaded this for Android, but I don’t seem to be able to interact with anything, I just drag around to walk around. Is there a way to interact with anything on Android? Thanks! :)

Hey, fun game! :) Is there a way to check your inventory? I collected a number of items, but I wasn’t sure if all of them were the items I needed to complete the ritual or if some of them served another purpose (the crowbar, for example, seemed like a non-ritual item, and the pieces of paper seemed like they were giving me quests, although I wasn’t sure how to check them once I picked them up). Also, I think I got chased by a demon around the abandoned fair rides, so I sprinted until my sprint meter ran out, and, shortly after my sprint meter ran out, I stopped hearing the demon screech sounds–I wasn’t sure if the demon caught me, or if I escaped, and I wasn’t sure how to find out.

Thanks! :D Good luck, looks like a cool project. :)

Thank you for playing! :D I agree, looking at the map will probably help, especially since it has an indicator showing where you are. Any suggestions for making it easier to look at the map, or do you think it’s fine as it is? Glad you had fun, at any rate! :D

Did taxes, would recommend, 10/10

Was this screenshot taken either by you or by a reasonably skilled forger who has taken adequate time to learn your thought processes and how to imitate you?

Fun game! :D Well done, charming graphics and music, and a fun main mechanic that develops throughout the levels.

The main suggestion I have, is that the cat, the projectiles, and basically everything else that moves on the screen should be moving at about half speed. The first level with the cat was a major difficulty spike, and the second level with the cat was another spike. People playing your game for the first time aren’t going to be very skilled at it–I stuck with it to the end of the demo, but other players may drop off before then.

All in all, nice work! Definitely a fun game. :D

I’m so sorry! support has some posts about fixing downloading problems. See if one of these links helps, and let me know if they don’t?

Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind! :) If I get a few more people expressing interest in creating community content for Upheaval, I’d be happy to support them and add the ability to make and load community modules!

In the meantime, the save files are all actually in plain text already, so you can edit them to your heart’s content. Technically you can even add new content to the game by editing the save files! Although it’s much easier to do things like change characters’ names and let yourself out of prison. XD

Thank you! Player freedom is one of my goals. :)

I would love to have community modules; at this point, I don’t have any idea what they would look like.

What sort of content are you thinking could be added with community modules? And, are you interested in making community modules, or in having them to install?

The full Windows Console version is out now! :)

No (sorry about that), and Yes! :D I’m releasing version 0.0.5 on Console tomorrow (Dec 12); I’m just doing some last minute testing over the weekend to make sure it’s ready before it goes out. I’ll post a devlog tomorrow when it comes out–if you’ve downloaded the demo or bought the full game, you should get an email when it’s ready to play.

Thanks for your support, man!

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Upheaval, an open-world fantasy text-adventure game

Upheaval, 50% off during alpha

Explore a world of change.

Join the Upheaval early access and explore an ever-changing world of treasure, magic, monsters, and secrets hidden where only the brave dare go. Or experience the local tavern and drink away the 30 days before the Magician arrives. What will your adventure look like?

Takes 30-90 minutes to play each adventure. Play multiple times to learn more about the world and explore multiple endings!

What mark will you leave on the world before your time is up?


  • Over 30 unique locations to explore and discover
  • Non-player characters (both friends and enemies) are living, moving people for you to respond to and interact with, not just static encounters waiting for you to find them.
  • Over 15 magical and mundane treasures and items for you to find and use, each of which can be used in multiple different ways
  • Over 5,000 unique endings, depending on your choices during the game


All alpha playtesters receive a free copy of all versions of the game. If you want to become a playtester, contact me now to schedule a playtest. :)

Cat and Mouse is a new two-player card game played with a standard 52-card deck of cards (no jokers).

One player is the Cat, the other player is the Mouse. The Mouse lays traps for the Cat in secret, and the Cat tries to figure out what they are and take them down. It’s heavily inspired by the iocane powder scene from the Princess Bride, but has other inspirations as well (listed on the game page).

Players have said:

“Fun and quick.”

“Light bluffing elements… fairly straightforward to learn.”

“Do you know what I have? You should know what I have.”
-Mouse player

“This is a blind scratch in the dark, under the bed, looking for the mouse.”
-Cat player

Download the rules to play Cat and Mouse now!

Really nice job! :D Fantastically gruesome, and well made. I think I can reliably make a spare now. Does anything special happen if you get a strike?

Very fun game! :D I played both sides a few times, and I’ve only lost once, the first time when I had no idea what was going on. XD Really fun that it has controller support! I also love how you can destroy the barriers. Nice work! \o/

I think you’re right!

Thank you! That’s good to know about comments not creating events; I was wrong, of course, I was looking someplace else.

It would be nice to have more granular options for creating feed events for followers. Thank you for pointing out the global option! I hadn’t found that yet. :)

I just found out that, when I rate or comment on a game, it shows up in my feed to anyone who follows me.

Since I make, release, and update games, I would prefer that my followers only get feed entries about me when I create a Devlog or create a new game project, that sort of thing.

The only way that I can figure out so far to stop my followers from being alerted when I rate a game, it to NOT rate any games on this account (perhaps creating a second account to rate games with, manage personal collections, and comment on others’ games). This seems inconvenient, and, more likely, I would simply stop doing all of these things (rating, commenting, etc.) rather than log out and log into a separate account for them.

I’m not concerned to have activity be private, I just don’t want it to show up in my followers’ feeds.

Is there a way to choose which of your actions show up in your followers’ feeds?

Thank you! :)

By itself, I don’t think Charisma is very good, so I didn’t think to level it up. Also, I didn’t realize that Intelligence had a max value. I thought maybe it went up forever, like the other purchasables.

That would be good to know, that you need to max out int and char to be able to buy “Retire.”

Is there a place that game says that that I missed? Or, how was I supposed to figure out that I needed both of those maxed to retire? Thanks! :)

Do you have a preferred way to get bug reports? I have 3,891,727,323.11 Euros in cash, but the “Retire” button is still disabled for me.

Very fun game. Such a sad ending!

On the Wildcaller’s Born of the Soil:

describe how your call looks like

should be

describe what your call looks like

It never occurred to me that [moral relativity] could be a relevant thing to mention in describing the kind of fantasy stories the game supports

It was clearly very important to you! That should give you an idea of how it might be important to other players, and maybe how to market and describe it.

Good luck with this! :D