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Love the futa addition, cant wait to see more. Hopefully one day you'll be able to make a game where a girl goes around and fucks, would love to see that

No no don't be sorry! I'm glad you took the time to type out a throughout response! its shame that you have all of those obstacles though. I wish i could help somehow! Unfortunately I'm poor as well and I'm just starting to take art classes to learn how to illustrate.  I'll still support you however i can!

That's understandable! Maybe staring a Kickstarter or Paetron could help? I'm sure there are many people who would love to see your unique visual novel idea to life!

Okay I don't usually read Kinetic Visual novels but I'm a pervert so ill keep on eye on this one UwU

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That's awesome! As you can probably tell, I'm not a man but I am really interested in this Vr experience 😊 

This might be a dumb question but since this is a gay NSFW vr game dose the main character ever mention the player is a male?

My main interest in the game is the romance! Though, I'm also really interested in the choices and the story as well.

This looks amazing! I cant wait for its release :D

Game keeps closing on me for some reason

Really trippy, really surreal, all over the place, weird and so much more but I loved it all!

The ending was...something but i still enjoyed the game nevertheless

A really unique game, I only wish there was like a new game plus or something instead of playing through again to see a different outcome.

A very interesting story,  and amazing graphics. For how short it was, I enjoyed my experience playing.

Dose the MC have a gender?

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Experience Isent a problem. My team needs a 3D artist for environmental and character perpouses. 

The position(s) is unpaid as the game is a camp project and will be free. 

You are more than welcome to join our team! We were planning to use free unity assets for the game but it deserves better than that. 

The games description is pretty lengthy so message me if you are interested. 

This is my first post on here so I apologize if it's all over the place. 

LORD HAVE MERCY these men are beautiful 

I'm tempted to ask if you could potentially develop a relationship/friendship with your acolyte.

Yay! That's awesome I can't wait to see it :) thank you for answering my question! 

Okay thanks for letting me know :)

Hi! I love your visual novels, the art and writing are amazing :) I was you plan on making a otome in the future?

Dose the protagonist have a certain gender?

Is the Pregnancy System part of the game or can it be toggled off?

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I understand and see where you are coming from. But yeah there's not much room to get too deep in a short story, nevertheless they did a good job in creating a little tension and intimacy. Especially the voice actresses, they really put so much emotion into their dialogs.

Yeah I felt the same, I'm used to choice based visual novels but i liked this kinetic one.

Id rate this 5 stars if I could, the concept and theme of this visual novel was super uniqe. The art had a dreamy feel to it which went lovely with the story. I was surprised that this had both voice acting and animation, both of which were equally amazing. Ive never really took the time to write a story, i always get too pessimistic to continue because of how much of a perfectionist I am. I can relate to the MC slightly, and I really admire that since of relatability. The struggles and internal conflict that Seraphina faces was nice insight to the troubles that a writer faces sometimes. I never knew that some story writers had this problem and its amazing how you wove this theme into a beautiful story. The love interests have adorable quirks and lovable personality traits that made me feel emotionally attached to them and to see that their love goes beyond the story was really sweet. There is a lot of other nice things that I could say but id probably end up repeating myself, so if you haven't read this story yet I recommend you do. You wont regret it! And if you're the creator, thank you for sharing this personal story with us :)

Ive never read a visual novel that was written similarly with the words from the time period of the plot. It was a unique experience and concept, it took some historical romance troupes and gave them a new perspective, while also creating a sweet and emotional story to go along with it. The art was beautiful, the choices felt like they mattered and that they weren't just put in to give the illusion that they did. I loved all the paths, its hard to pick a favorite one, and I was pleasantly surprised by the secret romance option. I felt a little guilty for pursing the secret option but I loved it nevertheless. I liked how the main character is portrayed as strong willed, independent woman and how the characters in the story react to her headstrong and intelligent traits. I also really admire the way she can approach a situation in a snappy and clever way while also being a little devious. The overall story came together really well and felt really realistic, especially given the vocabulary throughout the novel. I really enjoyed reading this :)

dose the main character have a assigned gender?

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For some reason Deandra's route abruptly ended with no error

And I ran into this error on Tori's route

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/finaldates.rpy", line 1018, in script
    if toriDating == 0:
  File "game/finaldates.rpy", line 1018, in <module>
    if toriDating == 0:
NameError: name 'toriDating' is not defined

There isent a comment section of the game page so I guess ill just comment here. I really loved this visual novel, this was my first kinetic visual novel (It was a accident) I don't normally read them but I'm glad i stumbled across this one. I loved the story, music, art and pretty much every thing about it.

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Im guessing NOBODY noticed the De Way poster in Micah's room? lol I loved that little easter egg. Anyways, I enjoyed this visual novel. There aren't too many visual novels that are slice of life themed. The fact that this one is makes it feel more realistic and like a real potential relationship. Even the addition of problems and conflicts the characters have makes the story really unique and correlates with the theme. I also love the endings, they aren't too fast( ie. they fall in  love, kiss, ect)  Their story ends in a sweet way that shows that their story is yet to be written.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The was this visual novel was put together was like reading a play. The writing was in tune with the setting and time period and made the special moments and good endings wonderful. I only played through the 2 good endings, I was too scared to go and find all the bad ones. The was the love between Cassidy and Elowen progressed and bloomed dident seem rushed or burdened by common VN tropes. The fact that it was a Yuri love story wasent flaunted or just used as a excuse to show them nude/partially nude or suggestive. It the writing dident seem hindered and the story was written with such eloquence that it felt like a real story told through time. I loved everything, the writing, the poems, the art, and the music. Everything was put together in such a astonishing way that I couldent stop reading until I got both good endings. The romance is sweet and almost childlike, and the tinge of supernatural gave it more depth. I really enjoyed reading this beautiful story it was really amazing!

What gender will the MC be?

My day is going great :) Right now im curled up with my spoiled doggie lol I hope your day is going well also

I was not expecting this visual novel to be good at all. The story and setting seemed really generic and similar to a lot of romance visual novels. I gave it a chance though, and I'm so happy I did because its concept was unique and the story was written super well. I like how each fight scene added more to the plot during and after each. I don't wont to spoil this visual novel so I really recommend reading it, its nontraditional, witty and put together so beautifully that it'll influence a lasting impression on you.

Is this visual novel still in development?

You re welcome, I was confused to so I understand :)

Hey I found this guide hope it helps :)

Common Route

Start a new game.

  • Sit down with him
  • Hide in the cathedral
  • I’ll try that!
  • I’ll never forget you.

Cordelian’s Route

Continue from / Load the save game

*Always choose Cordelian whenever possible.

  • Light blue
  • Can you stay longer?

Save Here for Katherine’s Route

  • I wish you well.
  • I’ll eat the sides.
  • Break the silence.
  • I need to talk to him.
  • I’d find a hobby.
  • Sit down beside him
  • Kiss him

I haven't read Lingering yet but I have it on my wish list :) I did read Amplitude though but from what Ive seen and read from Lingering you've improved immensely! At the end of the day it your choice if you want to keep making VN's but if you ask me Id love for you to keep making them.

Side Note: I loved the art from Lingering even though it looks like its stuck in the Emo years of My Chemical Romance lol

This was a delightful experience, the aesthetics drew me in and the cute/preppy tones made reading this visual novel very enjoyable. This novel doesn't have traditional art like most visual novels but that dosn't make the interactions you have with characters less impactful. I think I'm on board with most readers with Clem being my favorite route, but I also really enjoyed Rocky's as well. The only downside is there i'sent no skip feature, so if you want to play through all the routes or you accidentally click a wrong answer and have to restart, its really a inconvenience. Other then that little thing though the characters each have a unique personality that's portrayed by the way they look, but all of them also have secret characteristics that's fun and heartwarming to discover as you go on more dates with them. I really adore this visual novel and I hope maybe you all will made a expanded version of the characters stories, the art,story and even the cheery music is a treat!