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Really cool! The idea is interesting and is really well made! I like the art and would play more of it!

Omg! I love it! The art is amazing and this gave me huge nostalgia! The gameplay is super fun! I would love to play more of it

Cool game! Is interestind and fun. 

Really cool! I love the art stylle and everything is so well made! I would love see more of games in this stylle or a bigger expecience with this game!

Ngl, I had 0 expectations yet this made my day. Really fun to hang out at the ballpit backroom

I decided to play this after The Graveyard Shift and I'm definitely not disappointed! The art is amazing, the story is interesting and there's a lot to explore too!

Also, is so cool that you made these two games for the same JAM!

Hey, thanks! Loved your video! 

Yeah, i've played a LOT of RPG Maker games back then so is a huge influence for me. 

I'm really happy to know you liked and i'm definitely making sure to improve in my next projects!

I love it! The art is amazing and I'm  alredy in love with the characters, omg

I'm really excited to play more of it

Beautiful game and comforting atmosphere. I love the art style and the songs! The characters are interesting and the game really has a good vibe

Thankyou! (I also think he's really fine tbh)

Thx for playing! I just watched and it was so fun. I'm glad you liked!

Thankyou. I would love to watch it!


I love it! The art style is beautiful and the endings are really creatives! Every floor gives a different vibe, yet all are scary and suspicious somehow!

What a twist! I love it! The art is amazing and the story is really captivating! Being able to choose the appearance of the characters is new to me, amazing!

I love it! It was so cute and awesome! The art is amazing and the story is intense. Nice job! 

Beautiful! I love the art style and the collecting of concept art is really interesting!

Interesting! Has a lot of potential.

Really cool and interesting! It really feels like I'm playing a dream or a nightmare

I love the art stylle! And the characters are really cute. As soon as I saw the maze I knew it but I got so curious I went for it anyway. Good game

Very good! The graphics look great and the atmosphere set is perfect! Usually I don't get startled with jumpscares but these were well made and interesting!

Really fun and interesting! I loved the art style and the characters are beautiful! Definitely following for a full version!

Thankyou! I'm happy to know you liked! Nice video! ^^

thks kuguja


That proofreading would be of great help, thank you!

I'm going to think more about the mysterious person participations in the games. Knowing how people see and feel about them is important for my project. I'm glad you shared you opinion.

Hello, hi! Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm definitely looking forward to improve and this helps so much!

The game has three endings so you did got all of them.

About the writing, is the main thing I'm putting effort into atm cause english is not my first language and I don't have people to review it, but i'm correcting stuff based on feedback of the players etc.

The Mysterious person aparishion (along with some other characters) is something that I'm developing for a future project., so they're more like an easter egg (kinda?) thing. 

Again, thankyou so much for your feedback! Means a lot to me and helps me find where to improve. 

Hey, thanks! I'm happy that you enjoyed it! Loved your video <3

Yeah, there's three.

so ome bomba

That was really good. The scare got me and the graphics look really nice!

Really nice! The atmosphere is great and the scenarios are beautiful!

Thankyou! I'm glad you liked!

So yeah, about Mister Mike Mic I don't really have much to say (for now) but the Mysterious Person and the Child are characters that I'm developing for a special project in the future.

And about the victims, people kinda just show up and he plays with them for his show.  

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Nice game. At first I thought the jumpscares where going to be predictable but it was actually pretty great!

Omg this art stylle>>>>>>

I love everything about this! The characters are really interesting, the scenarios are beautiful and the story is intriguing. I'm definitely following for more of this.

I love how you use the colors and the animations are so well made! The mix between kinda futurist, nightmarish style and some supernatural creature is amazing!

That was really great. I really liked the sounds! Well made and scary

My dumbass was stuck at the beginning because i didn't realize I was supposed to click to continue but thanks to the comments I made it!

Really cool and interesting game, I've played three times so i could explore everything. Pretty cool 

Really cool! The idea is really interesting and the game looks really cool! Definitely want to play more of this!

Cool game! The concept is interesting and the ambience really sets the mood of a dream/nightmare. The hook was kinda hard to control, sometimes pushes you too high up, but is not hard to get used to the controls.