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Hi, I'm happy to know that you enjoyed it! 

I don't have a specific reason for Mike to keep the main character at the end, but I decided to do it like that because the game was made for a game jam, and part of the challenges of the jam was that there was no way to escape (if I remember it correctly), so I made Mike obsessed with the main character.

I love it! The art style is really cute and gore-geous! I really liked this character! Nice work!

That was really cool. The story was interesting. I believe it has a lot of potential to be a longer game. Really nice!

Omg that was really cool! I love the atmosphere and the transitions between reality and what it feels like a dream where interestingly well made! I love the whole surreal atmosphere. 

I love it! The art style is so cool and the story is so interesting! I really liked the characters and the gameplay style. Nice job!

Good game! The simplicity of it gives a nice atmosphere and keeps it very mysterious. 

The game looks really cute and it was the story was intriguing. I like the colors you picked for the scenario and definitely would play a longer version of this!

That was really cool! Nice work! The finding the key to the game was really creative and the jumpscares well timed! I believe you can work more on it and to make something even better, but still, it is really good so far!

Omg this is actually so fun

That was amazing! I'm not claustrophobic but those mazes got me desperate to get out. The atmosphere is so weird and scary. I love it! Nice work!

I just played and it was really interesting! The animations, characters and colors look so cool! Good job!

Hey, obg! Fico feliz que tenha gostado!

I love it! The art style is really cute and the characters are interesting! The horror twist was simple but fits very well!

that was definitely a ride. can't lie i had fun with it!

The art style is cute, I like it! The history is interesting so I would definitely play a full version

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Cool style! The art is interesting and feels kinda scary but still intrigued! 

I love it! Even being short is interesting and works well in the lost cartridge feeling. I like how even knowing something was going to happen it made me still got curious about it.

Interesting scenario and cool atmosphere! Even without much to scare still leaves you with the feeling that something is going down.

Amazing! The art is beautiful and the story is really interesting. The different scenarios really made it feel like a dream or a nightmare. Everything works to keep you interested in the narrative! While playing I always felt that something felt wrong, like being observed or followed,which is incredible!

Amazing game! The atmosphere is perfect and is so immersive!

Thankyou! I'm happy to know you liked!

Thanks! I'm happy to know you enjoyed!

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a caneca n foi proposital, mas fico feliz em saber q até quando n to tentando eu assusto

o próx vai ter

Thanks! I'm still learning how to use renpy so I'm happy to know that you enjoyed.

Oh,  thank you too! <3 

It was strange at first but is actually fun to play! It's good christmas game somehow!

At first I thought it was kinda too weird but I actually liked! Is really creative and funny!

Creepy and fun game! The gameplay works really well and is both scary and interesting to explore everything. 

Cool game! The controls work really well (usually in games like this I get all lost with it but not so much in this one). I love the monsters and the experience was creepier than I expected!

Really cool! Is a challenge that is both fun and entertaining! It has a lot of potential!

The gameplay is innovative and the art style is great! Is a fast experience but is really worth it.

The story is very immersive and interesting! The effort put on the storytelling is noticeable and keeps you curious about what different paths and endings you can find.

The gameplay got me a little lost at first but is definitely a good challenge and is really fun to play!

The art style is what I most like about it. The surreal atmosphere is really great! Even being a simple concept, got me very interested.

Really cool and funny. Is addictive so I played  it loots of times already! 

I love it!  

Nice game. The gameplay is really interesting and the art style is really cool!

Thank you, I'm glad to know you liked it! The blood on the axe comes from the piano, but is more like a parallel with the past implying that the character killed something/someone before.

Cool! The story is very immersive and interesting! The concept is pretty cool and as simple as it seems it is effective! I really liked!

I like it! It gives this surreal vibe and I really got interested. Would definitely play more of this!