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actually a fan already made a working vr mod, just not released yet, so maybe soon !

yes !

Hello babbdi !

1) the game was open source on github during two weeks last month but we had to remove it because it had paid assets in it so only few people in the community have the source code, mostly moders, maybe if you come into the discord server you could get it

2) babbdi started as a fun summer holiday project, and we released it in december, 4 months after starting it ! my brother and me wanted to make a short project together for fun and experience.

3) we used blender to make the map and the level design, and then added some props in the unity editor

hope that answers well your questions !

lmao how

major speed running strat

thanks bro

thanks for playing ! for the tutorial part I thought that the little controls scheme at the top left corner would be enough but yeah probably should've put it right next to the wheel to be more explicit

I like the artstyle so much. also a really original idea 

thanks for playing ! actually Im thinking of making a full game with this prototype with more mechanics and dozens of levels. I think it has the potential to be a complete game

thanks for playing !

really polished and instant fun game. great work 

best game ive played so far

thanks for your feedback ! Originally Im a programmer so I think the artstyle works cause I made the assets real quick in the flow without overthinking the art. Also I used a pixelated camera shader that did a lot by itself !

bullet feels good !

really scared me when bro catched me

cool concept though keep up with game dev! 

real good

why no sound ? cool game though

éclaté ;) really short though

cool movement, couldve add coyote time  though


I like it !

white screen forever when I open the app

I loved it! each level has it own specificity and I never got bored! impressive work.