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Leie Sistal (Elie Servantie)

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Bonjour :)
Pas de soucis, c'est tellement mineur comme visuel que je ne considèrerais pas ca comme un "vol" xD. Enfin en tout cas c'est flatteur de ta part.

Bonne continuation a toi aussi :) 

this game was made in french (by french people) but if you need I will see to create an english versio


Really nice !! Love the idea, and well done :), would be grat to have the possibility to lower the sound.

Really cool :)

Really great game, just wish there was numbers to the stamps as a colorblind I had issue distinguishing them x).
Still awesome game :)

Awesome game!!

Looks really cool !! going to try it !

Hello, Thank you for playing our game :)
Sorry about the poor optimization, what specs do you have?
We have a patch on the way that will improve the optimization, how ever we are not there yet as this was a student project the time spent on patchs is minimal.

Hope you still enjoy the game.

hello Eshkova, 

Sorry I wasn’t here when you send the message, but I will share the video of your stream. 

Hope you liked our game, juste a few notes :), this is a student game, so we made it 6 months, there are some changes coming, bug fixing mostly but the game is finished as most of the team has moved on. I have noted most of your remarks and we will see if we can update the game, you are not the first to tell us about some of your remarks ^^ so clearly we need to improve there :).

thanks for playing our game and having done a stream of it :)

salut !!

Merci déjà d’avoir jouer et mille merci pour se retour très constructif!

Pour ce qui est du gameplay, je prend note de ce que tu nous dit, il est vrai que le garde écarlate, donc celui à bouclier peut être frustrant, il va être un peut changer pour qu’ils soient plus agréable.

Dans tout les cas ça fait très plaisir de lire un message comme celui ci.

Il va y avoir quelque patch pour corriger le plus de soucis possible :)

hey!! yeah this game is made as a student project we do not wish, and we actually can sell it.

Hope you will like it! Send us a notice of when and where you want to do your stream we will share it around :)

You can always contact us via mail :

Thank you for playing our game :)
Hope you liked it

We just recently released our end of study game :)

In Ancient Egypt, Ahmes and his little brother Akil are orphans and live a simple life. Until one day, the Royal Guards come and attack their village.  Akil is thrown into the Nil river. Ahmes rushes to save his brother, but a giant hand emerges from the water and carries Akil into the darkness of the Nil. Ahmes then enters the Underworld in order to save his little brother. 

Genre : Action-Aventure :crossed_swords: Plateform : Windows
Graphics : 3D / Cartoon
Engine : Unreal Engine 4.23
Controls : Controler :video_game:, KeyBoard :keyboard: (AZERTY, QWERTY) Souris :mouse_three_button:
Language : English Audio & Subtitle/ French Subtitle :flag_gb: :flag_fr:

Itch page :

Hope you will like it :)

thank you :)

Merci beaucoup pour ce super message, et aussi d'avoir jouer a notre jeu :).

Oui on va surement continuer a travailler dessus, et suivre tes conseils qui sont très bon :).

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56 pour le moment :D

Super jeu :D

I have the same problem x). the game seems cool and all but I can't score more than 2 xD