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Leian Lejsek

A member registered Jul 14, 2017

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I thought that at first, but after a while triying I ended up thinking that it was imposible to do it tthat way.

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Playing this to the rythim would be one of the most difficult and satisfying things in this or any other world.

Certainly, the Dark Souls of mortal ballet games.

PS: By the way, I think this is the kind of gameplay that requires two joystick to play it at its fullest, left to move and right to shoot. WASD is too imprecise and not as intuitive.

I'm having a hard timt trying to understand why jumping on an enemy doesn't make automatically jump. I get that you may want to keep going down to kill another enemy, but when falling for what seems to be a random amount of time and there aren't enought enemies it's just to risky to even try.

Killing the flying boxes to create a way up is a really good idea that follows the theme of the double purpose mechanic, but holding the shoot button to charge a jump is just putting two unrelated actions in the same button and, in my experience, it only made the game harder to control.

It might be just me, but I'm having a lot of difficulty chaining wall jumps, if that's what I have to do after getting the gun.