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Thank you!  We’re working on the next, but we’ve rebuilt it from the ground up so it will be a lot better!

Thanks for playing!  We’re rebuilding this from the ground up so I don’t think you’ll recognize it the next time around! (Hopefully in a good way)

Just wait until the update drops!

Its coming!  We’ve rebuilt it from the ground up, controls and shooting feel much better now. You can follow updates @LeggoMyGiallo on twitter. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you!  New case coming soon and we also rehauled the game from the ground up!

thank you! New case coming soon!

Thanks for playing!  We have overhauled the game from the ground up (more satisfying gun play and better graphics) and planning on re releasing  Case 1 and Case 2 very soon!  You can follow @LeggoMyGiallo on twitter for updates!

More cases in the way as I work on the full game!  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

New pair of pants will not be provided!  Thanks for playing!

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Thank you for playing!

More cases on the way!

I’m working hard on more, stay tuned!

Lol thanks for playing!

Thank you!  I’m working hard on improvements for the second case!

You’re welcome and I thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing and pointing that out!

Thanks for playing and the comments!  I’ll definitely be making improvements for the next case!

Thank you and I appreciate you playing!

Thank you so much!

After those three there will be six more for the full game!

Yes for the second case I will be adding much more, including ammo and a reload! 

Thank you!

For the full game I will be adding an “evidence room” where you can review any evidence you found for some more backstory!  Thanks for playing!

I’m working on the second case, first 4 will be released like this and then the last 6 will be included in the full game!

Thanks for playing!  Really appreciate it!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to do a video!

Thanks for playing!  I’m trying to bridge the gap between horror and making a somewhat real (though not really) police experience.  I’m glad someone who isn’t into horror games can appreciate it!  More cases are incoming and being a solo dev I have to add mechanics as I go and do plan on adding more investigative/tactical mechanics in the next case!  Hope you’ll be back for that and thanks again!

Thanks so much for playing!  And definitely noted on the gun mechanic.  I want to create some tension by being forced to holster the gun, but I’ll experiment on ways to rework it for the next case.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Story wise yes this is the demo to play first, and then the next one is the more complete demo and adds new mechanics as well as your first quest!

Thank you so much for your insights!  The completed game will be more than 10x this size.  There’s a note near the hotel that kind of gives a hint that you are to collect items for each hotel room, perhaps I should make that clearer though.  I try to find a good balance between not telling the player what to do and not being too vague so perhaps I should make it clearer though.

Running away from the dead children is easier when you zig and zag and once you cross the bridge they burn up ala The Headless Horseman (:

Once you find each item (5 of them) then the next step will reveal itself but of course if you want any more hints feel free to hit me up!

And based off your feedback I will go in and add some clearer notes so it doesn’t get too frustrating.  Thank you for the feedback!!

Hey thanks for playing!  Development is still under way for the full game and can be followed on Twitter @LeggoMyGiallo

Thanks again!

I was having issues with the original wall textures, but I made my own and replaced them without changing any code and the ones I imported in showed up no problem.

Thanks!  I did figure it out and looking at everything more I’ve been able to figure out everything I need but tutorials would still be awesome!  This has been the best available 3D resource for GMS2.

Is there a quick guide or a note I'm missing on the process of adding a simple enemy to the game? 

Have a few spots open!