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Thanks for playing!  There will be checkpoints this time around!

He’s a tough Mofo!

I won’t spoil it here but if you ever need any hints just let me know, there’s also some videos on Youtube of people beating it! 

Hey thanks for playing!  I used state machines for the enemies, and lot’s of timers!  Feel free to message me on Twitter if you have any more questions or want to talk GM!

Hey thanks!  I hope you enjoy your stay at Peepaw’s!  Would love to hear about it if you have time, anyway thanks for the support!

That’s awesome!  Thanks so much for playing!  I have another game out on here called “SHOTGUN” and on twitter (@LeggoMyGiallo) I am detailing the upcoming horror game... “Peepaw”!  Thanks for your support!

Wow great job beating it!  You're the first as far as I know, thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!  Glad you liked it!

Hey thank you so much for playing!  You were doing really well!  I appreciate it and thanks for the shout out in regards to the next game in the series!

Thanks so much for playing!  Glad you enjoyed and I appreciate your kind words!  It's definitely a lot of trial and error, you were doing great!  This was my first game but I plan on making many more to come.   Thanks again!

That's awesome, great job and impeccable timing!  And thanks for getting it on video, now I can show this to a few of my colleagues who think I made this impossible :p

thanks for your comments!  I actually updated the game to make it where you have to kill all enemies before you can fight the boss so that there are no dead ends - that's how it was originally designed (:  

The only benefit is as you said that it saves bullets and there are not multiple endings at this time.  Thank you for playing, I really appreciate it!

Hey, thank you for playing!  It definitely is a hard game, but if you would like some hints just let me know or you can watch these videos where the players make it pretty far and see their strategy!  Again, thanks for playing!

You will be soon enough!

My first game "SHOTGUN" is now released!  If you like hard nes games then I think this will be enjoyable to many of you.  Please check it out if you get the chance, I always love feedback and I hope it provides a fun 20-30 minutes!

You play as a vigilante out to massacre the gang of cretins that murdered your family.  Gameplay consists of fast paced shootouts and picking the appropriate route through the house.  Very unforgiving gameplay but the game is fast to put you right back into the action.