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-My friend. This game is far too explicit. 
I understand how the game is for a mature audience only, but the things in this game just takes things too far. Aside from the 'satanic' pentagram (which despite the setting still seems like it was thrown in from out of nowhere) 
you have to remember that in today's day and age, people are extremely squimish with content that depicts any form of rape (even if attempted or implied) sexual gore, and heavy violence. 

People might not really be willing to pay to experience something that is too heavy and explicit for them to take part in. For example: feces or visuals depicting this is something that might have players shut the game off and ask for refunds, not neccessarily say 'cool this is fun' 
Also semen is something that is kinda gross, no? I take it this was not ment to be an errotica game? Then since its not the right place at all for it, many are going to be severely grossed out by this. With the #MeToo movement, you have to know that people in this day and age are stand offish towards anything that involve mistreatment and cruelty such as this. 

With that being said, it is very hard to advertise your game because of all this heavy content within it, I had to search to discover this very telling review after coming across F&H from a John Wolfe video showcase. You must include all of this disclaimer on the page (as in actually tell users all the explicit content that could be found in the game, besides just simply 'violent sexual conent' because that could mean anything) which in this case would mean chopped genitals and mass orgies. 

I think if the content was massively cleaned up to remove any form of 'rape' or 'gross orgies' feces, and then at least include a save game system, in where a save can be done, this will help at least make it something that players can enjoy playing. With that there are multiple classes that kinda are too similar, such as the mercenaries. I see the outlander and the knight are basically warrior classes, so it really doesn't seem like there's a diffference. 

-The thief should be more stealthy and faster, and use a dagger; has less damage, but the enemy misses them often. 
-The warrior should be stronger (doing more damage) and might be a tad slower. 
-The archer should use a bow, and perhaps be versitile, using both a sword short and the arrows (give them like the perk to find more perjectiles then the other races, that gives them value and makes the player feel like they are playing the archer role) 
And of course, make it so that the player can choice different looks and sex (play male or female) change eye color, skin tone. This makes me feel like I'm more in the game. 

Also I do apologize for this HUGE writing, I just do like the game. 
With that being said, I do think that the game is too linier, and would make a better open-world game, then a dungeon crawler (you could still incorporate both into the game) then you can add much, much more content to the game, and give it a whole world that the player can explore. Make it so that outfits can be 
changed; when the player changes gear it can be seeen in their avatar. 

I think having a 'legal' (it's gotta be consensual, come on now bud! :/ ) relationship system is something that would be awesome! 
Like if the player meets a party member, they have an afinity system. 
Then THAT way, if you want to include a sex scene that the player can physically see, it would make much more sense and they would feel more attachment to their team members. 

That way the survival element becomes much more important, then the screw it i'm gonna just die here anyway, now the main chracter is gunna try to survive much more since they care about the people in their party. 

I really do hope that you take all these things into consideration, it would really be an epic thing to see. :)