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Ahhhah hah hha hhahhhhrrrggggggg mmmm. Brillliant, as always!

Brilliant and very helpful. Thank you :

really enjoyed it! Great work :)

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Watched your intro video, got it up and running in Unity 2019.3 with NO errors and NO problems!

Think thats the first time I've ever installed a package without being shouted at by the Console... I'd say thats a very good sign that it's been coded very well indeed. No problems -amazing seen as though in your video you say you're using version 5.6... it didn't even ask me if I wanted to upgrade any obsolete API calls.. *fainted*

Love the way the scripting is programming in c# but you hide all the evil stuff from been displayed in your editor... Tasty!

So for anyone sensible enough to be trying this out - only one thing I had to do to get the demo scene to work - add the Unity scenes to the build settings... then I was off to scripting heaven. For an artist who can code like me it's a perfect fit.

I do enjoy using Chris Burton's Adventure Game Creator... but whenever I use the visual scripting tool I always think how much easier a simple text driven scripting editor would have been ----- and you've made it!

Thank you very much for putting this out for free. 

Brilliant work! Can't wait for The Drifter.

brilliant little game :)

Totally brilliant! 100/100 for uniqueness!! 

Ability to save your "music place" and send it to friends :)

Keep it up, awesome on ipad.. think apple would like it :)

like it! The only nag I have is the basement door still would not open even though I had the handle... I'd missed one ghost out.. - theres not logic behind this. Loved the over all friendly vibe. Great work :)

Excellent Work! Spectrum perfect and great Construct work. LOVE IT.

Awesome work! Polished and plays really well. Nice one :)

Can you guide Elon through the cave and save all the children!!



Great work! Just didnt know if I was supposed to shoot the hearts or not..

really liked it.

Nice concept and art... music is a tad annoying.. also - the camera really needs work - maybe just follow the players position absolutely... the cushioning made it almost impossible to play.