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Thank you for your reply and helpful comments! I'm glad you liked the game!

Hi! Glad you enjoyed our game, and thank you for taking the time to give us some constructive criticism: I'm the writer so I can try to make clearer a few of the things that got you confused:

- The premise is that Alex and the player live together because their parents do not tend for them - I originally intended to explain this more in-detail through the game (the explaination involved being given shelter by an understanding family relative and the player not being able to afford a computer for Alex but using some savings for a couple days to educate Alex on computers), but unfortunately we didn't have the time to make the story as lengthy as I would've wished!

- I'll admit my own point of view of the Internet is that it's definitely not a safe place for kids and that it's important to educate children to use it well and warn them against its potential dangers, so perhaps the paranoia you felt was my own haha

Regardless, you raised some very good points, which I'll definitely have to consider in my future endeavours.

Have a good day!

My savior!

I rated your game and gave it a comment! (...and played it too of course!)

I refrained from asking for rate-backs during the jam but I am, after all, only a weak leaf sitting at 19 ratings, so I'll do a little exception and ask if you'd be kind enough to rate my game

Have a good day!

That game was very cool! I'm always super impressed when people manage to make 3D games for game jams, it seems so daunting to me haha

Like other people in the comments have pointed out, I personally would've preferred if the rewind theme was more explicitly conveyed in the game, but I had a lot of fun regardless.

Most of what Mandelbrot said just below sums up my own experience of the game - however I must say that for a first game jam, it shows a lot of potential! There's a lot to improve...but it's the case for everyone of us, and I'm looking forward to see how your work will pan out in the future!

(Also, sorry I have to mention it with every reply I make in the jam comments, but my submitted game is not Rick's Flix! It's a collab I made music and SFX for and I'm embarassed that it shows as "my" game everytime haha - my actual submission is "Forward", which you can find on my profile if you'd like to play it!)

Thanks a bunch!! Really happy you enjoyed it so much!

That game was very cute! I had small issues with the UI not being the friendliest at times, and the music definitely gets a little repetitive after a while. But overall it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience!

(I'm sorry I have to mention this in every game jam comment, but Rick's Flix isn't my submission, it's a collab for which I made the music and SFX! I'm embarassed that it shows up as "my" game everytime haha - my game is "Forward", it's on my profile!)

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Cool concept and really interesting audio!

(Also, I'm sorry I have to mention this on every jam comment I make but Rick's Flix is not my game, it's a collab I made the music for and I'm embarassed that it shows as "my" submission everytime haha - my submission to this jam is "Forward"!)

There's definitely a *lot* of room for improvement haha - glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for commenting!

Thanks a bunch, I'm glad you liked it!!

Thank you for your feedback and kind words! I'll definitely keep that in mind!

(P.S. : for some reason, really wants to feature Rick's Flix as my submitted game, but was just a collaborator in this one, all I did was the music and SFX! ...I mean, I'm proud of it and everyone should play it but this is the actual submission I made :

That game is beautiful! The menu/UI transitions are really cool too, and look great for something made in a week! (Side note : I think you forgot to loop the menu rain sound because it abruptly stopped after a while)

(P.S. : for some reason, really wants to feature Rick's Flix as my submitted game, but was just a collaborator in this one, all I did was the music and SFX! ...I mean, I'm proud of it and everyone should play it but this is the actual submission I made :

I'll admit at first, I was a little bugged I had to install the .Net core thing to play Faux, but I'm really glad I did! What a wonderful, lovely game!

Oh I see what you mean haha

Thank you for your feedback, I'm really glad you like this game! Many people seemed bothered by the obscure platforming, so I'm definitely taking notes for my next project haha

B-but the player character *is* the one in the bed 

(Thank you so much for your time and kind words <3)

Thank you! That's the one thing I've really learned from people's feedback, making the platforms more obvious haha - definitely will work on that!

Thanks a bunch! I'll let the artist know the work was appreciated! Actually animations *were* planned but I ran short on time to implement them, and having never done that properly before, I preferred to spend the remaining time polishing instead of potentially breaking something haha


So far so good! If you play it, feel free to tell me if you notice any issues in my own game haha (I think the featured one is incorrect btw, the game I entered with was this : and the featured game is one I contributed to, but did not submit! ...but I mean, it's cool too, it's just not my game...)

Lovely game!

The game was nice! I got stuck into the first level for a long time because I jumped off the platform and let more than 30 seconds pass by, and then I basically had to manually quit and restart the game. Otherwise, it was interesting!

These platforms are the bane of my game dev carreer haha

Thank you for your feedback and kind words!

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but Lytesander down there made very good points, which sum-up my own experience of the game pretty well. Saving Accroche definitely has its merits and strong points : the opening screen is very pretty, the in-game movement feels very pleasant and smooth, which makes navigating through the game a mechanically enjoyable experience. But...otherwise, yes, it needs a lot of improvements.
I won't go over what Lytesander already mentioned, but I'll add that Saving Accroche suffers from writing & narrative design shortcomings : the exposition isn't written like a story text you want to read, but more like a bunch of information being thrown at you very slowly. The floating "jump here, double jump here, don't fall in the death trap" text breaks the immersion because the font doesn't work with the background...and the actual game looks *nothing* like the opening cutscene and title screen, which is also puzzling. AND the music (which is about 500% too loud) really doesn't fit any other aspect of the game. Finally, it's a bit of a detail, but not having the possibility to quit the game by hitting escape is always a little bit annoying from a player perspective.

Now of course, this is a game jam, and the very *reason* we're doing this is to improve and try things out, so by all means, don't be discouraged by this criticism, even if it comes across as harsh or unfair! I'm only telling you all of this because I'm seeing the potential in your game and I'm sure that, with a few fixes, it can blossom into a really cool experience.

Thanks a bunch! I clearly need to level up my affordance game haha, thanks for your kind words and taking the time to play the game!

Very cool game! I actually enjoyed figuring out how the main mechanic worked, the aesthetic and mood are super polished (especially for something made in a week!) and the challenges remain interesting as time passes.

I love nice little games like these! The design is very simple, but it works very well for the short, fun challenge experience it offers. The game looks really nice too!
I think the one thing I would've liked would be a start timer before the very first line shoots out, it's a bit finnicky to immediately take control of the game as soon as "Play again" is pressed! Otherwise, I quite enjoyed this!

Damn, that was a *huge* bucket of compliments you just dumped on me there, thank you so much!  
I'll try to make you happier next time!!

Thanks for your input! I definitely need to learn how to make better and more apparent collisions haha

I couldn't finish the game, but I had a fun run trying to!

Great job! The game is very clever and enjoyable, with creative nuggets scattered all over the place. I had a great time.

I'm giving you full marks! It's a very simple game, but it does exactly what it sets itself to do : offer a short, fun moment of clever platforming. It looks really nice (I love that the eyes follow the mouse, it's such a nice touch haha), sounds good and is pleasant to play. I didn't encounter any flaw or problem in my playthrough. It was a lovely moment!

Come for the dog, stay for the great game design and wobbly shaders.

10/10 would go back in time again

I feel you, my own entry really suffered from not having the time to polish the platforming and clarity of gameplay haha

Have a good day!

That game looks really good and it feels good to play as well! The audio is nice too. On the minus side, I'm not too sure of how the notion of rewinding is actually present in the game, and going too far left or right locks you into place until you lose, which is a bit of a shame in my opinion!

That game is really good! It looks great, sounds great and feels great. I had tons of fun!