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Thank you for your kind words! The team is quite fond of Ace Attorney, but I must admit that, as the composer, I haven't taken so much influence from the Ace Attorney soundtracks for the reason that, amazing as they are, I don't know them particularly well :')

That's a super lovely approach!

I haven't even played the game yet but I'm leaving a positive comment ahead of time because this itch page has all my heart

I'm super impressed that you made all of this in a month! The writing & character development are holding their ground well and the visual flair is really solid - I liked the little knick-knacks like the stat system with the ability to influence Kuku's trajectory a lot, I feel like it added a lot to the game. Really well done!

Jazz isn't dead, it's just grabbing a beer

Very cute and soothing

nailed it

Thank YOU...for being played by me.....

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This game made me terrhapy

Fletch is a code wizard but also a real wizard because this game makes people's hands move on their own

Hi again! Here's the link to the game's OST as promised now that the extended "full release" version is available !

Hi! Thank you for being so interested in the soundtrack! I'm the game's composer- the game's OST will be released alongside the full version, c.f. announcement at the top of this page! There's a lot more music in the full version, so I hope you'll like it just as much!

Hi, thank you so much!! This game means a lot to me on a personal level and I'm very glad it gave you space to reflect!

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Hello! Thank you for trying my game, I'm very sorry you encountered this problem!
Have you tried moving around to all edges of this room and made sure you explored it in its entirety? That might help you get past this part of the game!

Hi! Thanks for playing the game!
Yes, the ending scene is very messy at the moment haha - we're currently working on transforming Pumpkin Face into a much larger "full" game and this scene is going to be completely reworked!

Hi! I have a bit of feedback regarding my experience with this anthology, not necessarily about the games themselves but rather the format they come in. I was told it'd be preferrable to post it here so here I am!

I think that this anthology has cool content, but that it comes with a  poor presentation, or rather a lack thereof. You put a visibly big amount of effort into designing this itch page in a way that's interesting and visually appealing, but at the end of the day, I still have to scroll past a ton of bios I'm not necessarily all too interested in (I'd rather get to better know the people behind the games after I've played them, preferably in a "credits" segment, since I'm going to forget most of these details and who did which game by the time I'm finished downloading the files anyway) and, honestly, most of the descriptive text (I know I'll also forget 3/4ths of the 8 different pitches) to access the games themselves - this makes most of this, again, well-presenting and appealing page more of a hindrance than an added value, at least in my experience - and it felt especially unnecessary to me in regards to the anthology's modest scope.

I feel like this collection of games would've been better served with a website or even just a small blog than the current format, because due to the lack of a central hub, the downloaded product doesn't feel too organic and cohesive. To me at least, it felt more like a semi-random assortment of games (regardless of said games being good or not and having a common theme or not).

That being said, I think it's cool to see such initiatives and I hope you'll all be making more stuff!

ARGH this is too cute
I'm dead send flowers

Goat doesn't to feel about it...

Looking forward to your own projects Parsely! You got this!!

You're welcome! I think you did a fantastic job balancing everything out.

Fantastic work! Definitely one of my favorite entries, and certainly the most impressive I've played.

You managed to handle these extremely delicate subjects in a way that felt very natural, touching and relatable. The game's artstyle and visual presentation are through the roof, the writing is *excellent* and every character and plot device felt compelling and lifelike in its subtletly and complexity.

Your music choices were also very accurate, which can be a tricky thing to nail with royalty-free music. Overall, I'm baffled at the quality and commitment in this game, especially considering it's a one-person job.

This game is absolutely excellent!

A sensible, brilliant and very moving approach to a very complex and hard-to-tackle-well topic.

This is a cool entry!
The game has a strong visual appeal and a lot of well-delivered jokes. I commend you all for having managed to pull off a +1hr playthrough over only a month, that's damn impressive as well!

The one thing I wasn't a fan of was the amount of exposition in the dialogues/story, which made the (otherwise good) writing a little bit bland and lengthy for my personal tastes. But still, this is a great game!

Hello! Wow, that was a *very* thorough feedback, thanks a million! I really appreciate a lot that you went out of your way to take all these notes!

At the moment, the game has basically no mouse input, it's keyboard-only : I would've liked to have both but I found myself lacking time to implement them in a non-glitchy way, though I'll try to make it so there's the option to use the mouse instead of the keyboard for the final version!
Features such as volume sliders (and, most certainly, a lower "entry point" volume) and other quality of life improvements are 100% planned as well for the full release - I'll also give some thought about a way to properly handle the alt-tab situation you mentioned!

Otherwise, I'm very grateful for your kind words, I hope you'll enjoy the full release as much as Chapter 1!

Thank you for the words of encouragement! I'm happy you had a nice time!

Hi! I'm happy you had a good time overall - and oh no!! I'm sorry to hear you got stuck!
Have you taken a the Readme that comes with the game folder? I thought that section might be a little confusing to some people so I added the solution for it there, if you ever feel like coming back and finishing the game!

I'll work on making this section easier to navigate for the game's full release, that's for sure!
At any rate, thanks for trying PF and for the kind feedback!

This game is short, but sweet and quirky! Especially recommend the Mothman route if you have good eyesight.

I had a very short but highly enjoyable experience with this game!

I loved the visual flair, overall all the art was very nice. The start-up was a little bit slow but I deeply enjoyed the silly, endearing writing. The music choices were sometimes a little surprising but generally well-suited.

Solid game, would hang around with Mothman again.

Haha well, I'm very glad you were so happy with my review! It was very heartfelt and I had a wonderful moment indeed!

Thank you very much!! I'll try my best to make it worth your wait!

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I had a great time with this game! It's endearing, fun and extremely well-executed. I'm glad I gave it a go!

So, I'm going to preface this review by saying that *this game's aesthetic just isn't for me* - I normally wouldn't have played it, not because I would've thought it's bad, but simply for personal tastes reasons, the same way some people will not play FPS or Mobile games.
I took the plunge here for two reasons : one, jams are for trying out new things and I figured I would give a shot to something I wouldn't normally have played, and two
...the devs were so nice to me on my own entry's comments that I wanted to play their game too...

And I have to say, I had a very good time! This game is excellent on every aspect : the art, regardless of it being "my thing" or not, is superbly well-executed, with a great sense of cinematography and scenery, the writing is consistently good and keeps the game interesting even when there's a lot of internal monologue, and the music choices were brilliant (especially the one that plays when the Manor lights up, that one had me chortling)

I don't think I'll play a game with a similar aesthetic again in a long time, but I'm very glad I made an exception for Colorful Mirai - Spooky Edition!

What a charming little gem!

This is my favorite entry so far!! The writing was quirky and fun, the characters endearing, the art was excellent and the pacing well-conducted, with great humor and very good music choices.

I'm excited to see more of your work!

Hi! Thanks for your reply, I'm sure your future works will be fantastic! Looking forward to it!

Hi Alex! Thank you lots and lots, I'm super glad you liked Pumpkin Face!

I agree that the art looks fantastic, it's been a blessing to work with Mibyle on this project, she's made all my ideas look 100x better than I could've hoped haha

I really wanted to like this game but I'm sorry to admit I struggled a little bit. The UI has a lot of issues, especially the fact that clicking even a smidge before the dialogue is finished immediately launches the next line, or the fact that it's sometimes very ambiguous and unclear what you're meant to do or what you want to click on (but you're a bit afraid to click on stuff randomly because you don't want to skip another dialogue)!
I also had some (albeit smaller) issues with the writing, which felt a little too edgy at times - I'm totally okay with the harder, grittier stuff but there were points where it felt a little bit forced, at least for my personal taste.
That being said, there's obviously great potential in this project, and it shows in things like the ambitious opening sequence and the great music - I commend you for using Unity to make a VN, which is really tremendously harder and more finnicky than Ren'Py (or even Godot for that matter, which I used for my own entry), and I'm sure that should you decide to keep working on this project and polishing it, you'd have a very qualitative and unique product to show for it at the end of the road.

This game is very cute!
I particularly enjoyed the visual direction - the characters, UI, background, everything I could look at was fantastic, *especially* the character design!
The writing had some occasional lengths to it but it was consistently cute and wholesome, which made up for it. The audio was generally well-chosen and pleasant. Overall, this is a great entry!