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Hi! I have a bit of feedback regarding my experience with this anthology, not necessarily about the games themselves but rather the format they come in. I was told it'd be preferrable to post it here so here I am!

I think that this anthology has cool content, but that it comes with a  poor presentation, or rather a lack thereof. You put a visibly big amount of effort into designing this itch page in a way that's interesting and visually appealing, but at the end of the day, I still have to scroll past a ton of bios I'm not necessarily all too interested in (I'd rather get to better know the people behind the games after I've played them, preferably in a "credits" segment, since I'm going to forget most of these details and who did which game by the time I'm finished downloading the files anyway) and, honestly, most of the descriptive text (I know I'll also forget 3/4ths of the 8 different pitches) to access the games themselves - this makes most of this, again, well-presenting and appealing page more of a hindrance than an added value, at least in my experience - and it felt especially unnecessary to me in regards to the anthology's modest scope.

I feel like this collection of games would've been better served with a website or even just a small blog than the current format, because due to the lack of a central hub, the downloaded product doesn't feel too organic and cohesive. To me at least, it felt more like a semi-random assortment of games (regardless of said games being good or not and having a common theme or not).

That being said, I think it's cool to see such initiatives and I hope you'll all be making more stuff!