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Why an profile if there is no option for purchase and download?

I don't buy games on Steam! I only buy DRM-free on or Why does this game have a page here on itch, but no way to buy it?

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Seems official supported by ScummVM now with the support level "Excellent":

So you can play it on Linux, Mac OS, Wii, Android, iOS ... too

And: You can save and load whenever you want!

I can not found the option to buy and download the game...

I don't understand the "save" thing. Does the game only save when you finish a level? If so, it could have been done with a password like in the games before.

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You can paint your walkbehinds comfortable with Photoshop, Gimp or Aseprite as extra layers of your backround. Export from the tools mentioned can be automated with scripts (all these programs can be controlled via API) and Import to AGS can possibly also be done with API commands (or not?). I think the effort always depends on the skills...

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Maybe I should have read the discussion below. ScummVM supports AGS games now?!!! I did not know that yet. Of course that would be the easiest to play the game with ScummVM (like I do with the older Goblins games). But apparently there are still minor problems?

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Is a Mac Verison planned? I have heard this is an AGS game. I'm not deep into this, but isn't there a native AGS player for Mac? Can I load the game with such a player or does it have to be compiled specifically for Mac OS?


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This is anoying. If you browse through the games for some minutes and you click on an interessting game and then "back" in the browser, then you start with the first game on top of the endless scroll area again... That's crap. If endless scrolling, then the browser should also save the position... 

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or is this an older version?

What is new with the update today?

I got a mail "mirmarka released a new game: Hans+Greta".  But where is the game? Nothing to download here....

Thank you. I am already looking forward to it...

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The Demo was for Mac OS too:

What about the final Mac Version?

Oh thanks. That was easy!

PS: Would nice to have numbered page links for this like [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

How I can turn off this endless scrolling crap on the main page and switch to a paged view for the game list? Every time I leave the list and come back I have to re-scroll the complete list to the position I was before....