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That's odd. I never intended for the numbers to go so high and I think it may have been better to end it at 1 million or something.

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New update has fixed this. Enjoy!

Thank you for your feedback! In future jams, I will try to do some balancing and I may add an objective for future jams.


Thank you for the feedback! I would've made them increase but the text is such a hassle to deal with.

Thank you for your feedback! I have noticed this and tried to mitigate it but it has a problem with being capped at the FPS so I tried to boost each visual dices value and it seemed that it was fine on the lower spectrum so I assumed It would work with the higher spectrum but I was wrong. In later jams, I will try to avoid this mistake but thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you for your feedback! I might try to balance things further on future games.

Thank you for your feedback! I will try to  add more sound effects to my future games.

This is a really nice concept and very polished for a 2 day game jam and the gravity is very good.

Overall, this is a really good game and I implore you to continue making games of this quality.

Interesting concept but it was quite buggy as the game skipped Level 2 also the main game not having audio but the main menu having audio makes for a ambience which I don't really like. Additionally, the randomness was quite confusing but good for a 2 day game jam.

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! I will try in future jams to improve the audio so thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you for your feedback! I would add more if we had a longer jam and I never noticed the exploit, so thank you for discovering it and I will try not to make this mistake again in future jams.

Amazing game! Although when I was about to get to level 20 it jumped up to level 200 and the last number became a negative

You beat my high score.  Well done!

I got 1792, I made it hard by making one of the cars turning sensitivity 3x more than the other, but well done!

but well done!

I tried to make it hard.

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback, for my next game, I will add a tutorial.

Thank you for your feedback, I will try to avoid tedious actions in my next game, I will try to eliminate all of the bugs and I will use this tip next time.

Thank you!

You use the buttons in the corner to merge with light, I didn't have much time to implement a pause menu and the start menu does exist, but I accidentally made it begin on the game. Thanks for the feedback, I will take this into account next time I make a game. 

Great game, the only problem is that the enemy's group together and I can use the mega blast, also could you make the movement relative to the direction not world.



And your game is also epic.