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Nous garantissons à 78% que ce n'est pas une pyramide de Ponzi.


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Love Tryouts is a visual novel set in the wonderful world of ProGIEG, a flourishing import-export company known for... its variety of first class products!

Playing as a new recruit, you'll have to fit in its amazing corporate culture so as to blend with its welcoming and smiling employees.

Actually, some of them might be jerks. But we're sure you'll find just the right one for you!

The game focuses on company life, alternating between tremendous spreadsheet filling and deep meaningful coffe machine conversations.

Innovative "stock photos" technology will guarantee you to experience the ugliest dating sim you've ever played!

First, you'll get to discover your full work environment. Learn about your colleagues, what they do in the company ; their hobbies, dreams and favorite techniques to crush competition. You'll also get the knack of the trades from Gilou, an experienced mentor who've seen it all before.

Once you can tell Gwen from supplies from JC the salesman, you'll get opportunities to deepen your bonds with your favorite characters in a different context!


Finally, maybe you'll get to secure a more profitable deal with a charming colleague. Or they'll get to steal your soul (if you're lucky enough to still have one at that point!).

REMEMBER, no ProGIEG policy forbids workplace romance!

Though, weirdly, no one seems to be comitted in a relationship for now...

Here is a sample of your future co-workers:

Featuring :

- 8 choice-based endings

- 256 colors or so

- Tedious minigames that will make the game feel like work!

- Other stuff

Themes (spoilers) :

Under the layer of parody, the game intends to address heavy issues : depression, work related abuse and harassment, burnout, morbid competition, cruel management, disrespectful hierarchy and overall everything that makes the corporate world a living hell.

The game is planned for release on the 1st of may 2022 as we're finalizing your hiring details. So far (september 2021), as we know precise data is important on the jobs market, we have about 4 637 dialogue blocks written but we're far from over. The game will be free and will be released in english and french.

To occupy those never-ending months of unemployment, we've just finished a demo that's a prequel   unveilling the mystic rite of passage you'll have to pass at the unemployment agency. As no sensible person would turn down an opportunity to work at ProGIEG, we're sure you'll do your best to prove worthy of a great chance to increase the company's profits!

In that fulfilling exprience, you'll get to know Anne-Laure and Clotaire, competent and reliable unemployed persons who get to race against you under the benevolent eye of your counselor!

You can play that part right now in our demo,

There's also a trailer made with top-notch tech windows movie maker.

Thanks for your interest in the demo, we will get back to you! Oh, and if you have any suggestions, comments or feedback ; we'd be glad to hear about it. Mind the suggestion box HR put at the entrance.

Si vous rencontrez un problème ou un bug, merci de nous le faire remonter ici.

If you encounter a problem or a bug while playing, please report it here.

Hey ! Thanks a lot for your comment, it means a lot to us.

First to answer your questions: the cleaning minigame does have an effect in the number of people you get during the day and thus in your earnings. If your glasses are dirty you get bad reputation so less people in the start of the day. If you break a glass you lose 1 coin. I don't remember for the chimney though.

Long story short, there won't be any update on this game for a loooooong time.

The thing is: we struggled just to finish this barely playable version, mostly because the engine we used (construct 2) is a pain (creating weird bugs like the one you had with the looping dialog) and we didn't build the game with a structure that would allow us to save some time when debugging or that would allow us to add features without creating hundreds of bugs.

So in order to make things properly we would have to start over in another engine, which would take a hell of a time.To be honest after two years to make this one,we're kind of lacking the motivation.

Right now we are working on a new game and have plenty of other ideas we want to try before coming back to Tavern. But maybe one day.

Thank you again for taking the time to write a comment. We are very glad someone (meaning someone we don't know) played and liked our quirky, buggy game.



Thank you!

Oui c'était un peu longuet les 12heures

Merci !

That was a nice game.

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Tavern is a narrative simulator set in your classic self-mocking and versatile med-fan universe made using Construct 2.

The gameplay is focused on the viewpoint of the barkeeper handling lunatic heroes, random nonsense happening and of course customer orders.

What was intended as a simple game jam project progressively grew more and more into expanding the universe and the characters interactions. Almost everything in the game is random and we took our time to make sure every run is different. The game is pretty short (one hour or so), to make sure you'll be happy to try again, just to see how things turn out and uncover what can happen in seven days!

Choice of heroes panelChoose between four amazingly incompetent heroes to complete your quests!

Serve various adulterated alcohols to your patrons!

Keep in mind the bow was actually not for show!

J'ai ri, c'est coolos.

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Stuck at book three for now. Will find sooner or later. Awesome game !

Edit : found it, felt a bit silly.

C'est trop cool.