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John Le

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thanks, big oversight from me lol

thanks mate

hi guys I submitted this game by MISTAKE: Please play the correct game here: (it's disqualified but hey)

another game from long ago where you're supposed to get shot lol (Sometimes)

Thanks for playing the game!
Yes the red paint should burn the thorns. Not sure why it doesn't since I tested it. I'll upload fixed builds when the voting period is over. 

There will be loads of improvements later, especially in the final commercial version, so u can look forward to that :") (tho probably in that version, the main character wouldn't look as cool lol)

thanks! will do!

Thanks. The idea early on was to keep the number of inputs minimal so I can support keyboard-only 4-player coop lol.

Too ambitious but I really wanted to make this a 4-player-compatible metroidvania eventually.

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thanks for the thoughtful analysis! 

You always have the eraser at the start lol. It's the "white" paint. Maybe I could've been clearer abt that.

About the doorway enemies, there's an effective solution for that, hope u keep playing to find it! :"))

thanks man :)

thanks man, appreciate it :")

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lol thanks for playing. U can remove buidllings by scaling them down to level 0 :")))

I thought abt making the water & power areas bigger but I don't want them to be as big as the screen lol

very ambitious game. Cool!

eventhough the resolution isn't 64x64px, this is still a cool entry!

aw man really thought this was full starcraft lol. Amazing art though. Good job!

game so pretty but can't get past intro screen

Lol thanks for the reply.

Nk worries since I already also figured that small fps improvements wouldn't hurt so I went ahead.


Thanks a bunch man!

Hey I wanna upload an update to the game that are just bugfixes and performance increase.

Is it ok now since it's already past submission date?

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it's already coop lol

team v team could be fun too, maybe dr mario style lol (resource stealing - land blocking with construction lol)

Edit: have u tried playing 2 guys with 2 hands? Pretty doable lol

alrighty! fixin it bro!

Yeah I thought abt hiding the building shadow too (like as 1 of the options when cycling with the "switch building" key). Thanks a lot!

Oh didn't know about the "after first tax" bug. Thanks! Did this with 7 days left so it's hella buggy lol.

Thanks. Dunno if I can upload any updated build after the submission period lol.

Yeah lol first time doing an isometric game. The lag was from the pathfinding.
Should've did the pathfinding in non-isometric perspective first and then translate to isometric later, but ran out of time lol.

Super polished! But it's 3 colors. Based on the rules, "gray" counts as a color too. Hope u can fix this quick before the game's evaluated by the judges!

Thanks. I admit this could've been a lot better lol.

Big thanks man.

The visuals originally were much cleaner but it violated the 2-color rule (I didn't know ofc lol) so I had to put a simple dot shader on top of everything super quick.

The movement is dumb too haha, I'll fix it eventually after the jam.

very nice. Lovely music

Very kewl bro. Shader effect on the tombstones look a bit funky tho lol

Wow the presentation is amazing!

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I'm sure I read somewhere that variations of light/darkness of 1 color is still considered 1 color.

Oh well, if it doesn't fit the rules, it's disqualified.

Edit: I updated it lol. It's now really just 2 colors now. Hope it doesn't get disqualified since nothing else is changed.

yeah just had 2 days to do this lol. I'd remake the movement again after the jam

Wow! This is like a premium game! Excelent polish!

Great Job! I want to make more levels, add more mechanics and make this game premium if enough people are interested lol.

Lol haha thanks

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Lol yeah I should make an update to note that. Thanks!

Edit: Already did lol.

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Thanks! Really appreciate it! Will play ur game soon after work lol (I can already see the art is awesome)

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great graphics and effects! Gameplay seems deep but really hard to know what is what & what to do.

Edit: I finally understood it & this would really be great if the element system is explained more or tutorialized.

great art, looks like an interesting game if finished

got 60 points! Well polished, balanced & creative game! Awesome!