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I'm in the same boat, I'm not so new to game dev, but new to Godot. The demo is fine, but I'm struggling to figure out how to set it up so players can walk up and interact with various characters, getting various conversations (which are already made & work on their own).

That's actually functioning as-intended! The game's central conceit is princesses, and so that remains constant regardless of pronouns.

I'm impressed you've been so thorough! But yeah, the forest hasn't been tested in-depth yet since I'm still planning to make a number of changes so I haven't wanted to chuck a lot of time into fixing things that won't stay--that's good to know those issues, though, and they're in theory fixed up.

The Ent issue is odd, though, since it works correctly when I shortcut to it and it's correct in the file. It must be something I'll have to fix engine side since the systems that handle branching dialogue are still a bit rough.

I also changed the insults since they were less  fun and just sorta... mean to the point that it threw me off when editing. I'll probably make 'em a bit stronger in the next round.

Once again, thank you! 

That's correct--the demo is only two in-game days.

That's in part because endings won't be written until all the core content of both princesses is written (nearly there), and also because it makes anyone playing less likely to run into bugs--I've only been able to do superficial bug testing since the guts of the game are still in flux and there's a lot of writing yet to do.

I'd make the demo longer and if I had more time to set aside for bug testing, but sadly I work full time so I've focused on the writing. 

Thank you for the interest and bug reports!! I think I've found and fixed the problems, but I'll have to be sure after work and I'll try and have the fixes up by tomorrow.

Thank you! That issue and a similar one in the daycare should be fixed. Glad you're enjoying it!

Sorry for the dead ends and errors,  but I'm really glad you enjoyed it! All of princess 1's core content is written, so it's currently being beautified and fixed up so that the final release will hopefully be pretty and silky smooth.

The sun is gone, and your mother is gone, but the only thing harder to find is what the hell you feel about it . You've got until next Sun-Day to find out.

This game was part of Spring Thing 2019, where it got the audience award for Best Story and Best Sound!

Suggested points of interest: Sci-Fi, mother-daughter relationships, fast approaching futures.

As a long distance runner, you don't have much time for friends. And then you met the biomech.

It's a short (2,000 word) game to span the gap until my next long game. I focused on having a more flexible and visually appealing game (if only in the grungy sort of way).

It comes with a CW for potentially gross images/imagery.

I hope you enjoy!

The game is complete and all routes can be completed. If you're able to remember a bit more information about the choices you made I can look into figuring it what went loopy and made your specific situation go screwy.

Otherwise, can also restart, and if you go right through to playing Z-tag from your earliest opportunity, I can guarantee you'll be able to get down that path and reach an end.

If you want a tip, be careful about choosing danger pay, and especially what job you're signed up for!

Thank you! I'm glad you found it interesting, the most fun I had with it was finding new places in the world to explore. There's definitely more stories in the works.


A Thing to Strive For is my first released project, an interactive fiction game set in a pseudo-dystopian near-future world where earning a living has never been easier. It's about alienation. It's about frustration. It's about friendship. It's about making a change. Above all, it's about something to strive for.

You'll find at least 6 distinct endings with further differences based on the decisions you've made. Some things are under your control, some aren't, so be sure to see what waits you down other paths.