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L.C. Lupus

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A gorgeous art style, wondrous minimalist sound and an overarching sad and mournful tale. Sadly I don't really have any criticisms. It's great as it is.

What do you get when you mix a beautifully Grimm-y art style, some nice eerie sounds and a dark fairy tale style story? Well you get something that I very much love. Awesome thing to play, and an awesome thing to experience, and I liked the choices too; they really suited the Grimm-style themes in that they were rather horrible, ha ha.

I feel that this game would have worked better in a longer format (which obviously wasn't what this game jam was but regardless), and I think for the amount of effort that was put into the combat, which was a lot deeper than I had any hope of exploring with such a short game time, you would be missing an opportunity if you don't go back and work on this game some more to make it longer and more detailed.

The books in the beginning tell you all sorts of information about the combat that I never used seeing as I just spammed one attack till everything died... and so I defeated the point of having a detailed combat system.

But other than the gameplay, I liked the general direction of the story, even if it was a little thin and could also do with being lengthened now that the game jam is over. I'm also a sucker for Biblical stuff for some reason, and so all the references just happened to be right up my alley.

A very odd game indeed, and also a game that at first I just assumed would be in some way inspired by or related to A Clockwork Orange seeing as you mentioned blood in the description, but this turned out to not be the case... I still like it of course, ha ha.

I like the sense of humour (both in-game and on the game page), and I like the concept of a bad guy of some sort having a nine till five type existence... and it did make me smile rather morbidly, but I'm just strange like that.

I'd like to see a lengthened version of something like this, something that explores the idea of this deeper, also I think that having a voiced narrator would work nicely seeing as sometimes it can be a little annoying switching your eyes between the "work" you're doing and the text, but regardless I did enjoy it and its weirdness.

The text based questioning format of this game works well but I don't understand why the player is forced to restart the entire interview if they get it wrong. You won't read through the entire interview again; you'll just pick a different answer. So maybe adding a means of being wrong to the story would help this along and make it feel less jarring.

The text stops at points that often don't make sense, for instance the text will lead up to a point, and then clicking the mouse adds a full stop, and another click switches to the next page. Could this be tweaked so that the text flows more naturally perhaps? Or have each sentence or paragraph be a new "page" rather than the text stopping in the middle of a thought?

I'd recommend running the text through a word processor of some kind before adding it to the game. There were a rather large number of grammatical errors that could have very easily been avoided had it been run through a spell checker.


Thanks for the praise! I'll be sure to tell the guy who did the music that you enjoyed it.

@Tophat Haze

Yeah, I plan on going back and fixing the story because I don't think that it works quite like I had intended, so I do agree with you there. It was a simple case of running out of time.

The save/load thing wasn't really necessary in a ten minute game and I'm still new to all this so I ran out of time before properly discovering how to get rid of it all, ha ha. I have to disagree that it makes it more painful for the player, but to each his own

As for the Windows build thing that was just time and internet restriction thing. When I do the improved version I'll upload for Windows, Mac and Linux.

So thanks for the criticisms and I shall take 'em to heart. I did check out your game too, but itch.io is also new to me and I put my comment where I rated it and so yeah... whoops...

Well first of all I did enjoy Max's World, and I liked the art style, although it was a bit static at times, and I did like the overall presentation. I do wish that there had been some music of some kind though; obviously not necessary or anything but it would have been nice.

The ending felt a little abrupt, and maybe could have done with being stretched out a little longer because it snaps from the ending to the credits remarkably quickly. On top of that I kind of couldn't figure out how to exit. I don't play many things using Unity so if there is some special way to exit, or if I missed something incredibly obvious, then I must claim ignorance there.

Overall, this was a rather sweet, simple and calm little game that I enjoyed, and the little guy with the sword and shield reminded me of the first monster thing you get in Ni no Kuni... and that made me smile, ha ha.