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A simple but very clever little game; though there are few objects, the way they all interact is very compelling and a nice arc of game design is drawn out of it. A great LD effort and I'd like to see it expanded upon!

Your writing was so important during my formative years of early adulthood 10 years ago and to this day you are The games writer to me. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the world. Love this level design writeup and its modern additions. For some reason that pic of Mario Land 1-3 was always one of the I most associated with your blog!

Oh!! I almost forgot. Sorry to double post, but I really must stress how beautiful this game is. The pixel art is all great and bursting with character. I was never super into Arthurian legend on its own, but the art you have here and the fun music stings for the different characters (they are all so pretty!) really draws me in. I especially love the illustrations for the Dragon, and now the Behemoth. You have done such a good job with this game!

I used to play Yahtzee so much as a kid, but have probably gone over a decade without touching it. This game was a great return to that! I will buy a paid version my first paycheck after you release one!

I love this game, it's wonderful! I beat Nightmare on 0.4 without abusing the woodcutter exploit and it felt great. I'm starting to play 0.5 now (just unlocked very hard) and it's just as fun as usual. However, I must say I miss the golden dice Lancelot sent out in 0.4- I love the golden color, the visual effects for them appearing, and the sound effect! Can't wait to buy a Pendulum and see what that's like now.