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Finally a fun Myst game!

Got like 9 min in at first run. Not bad of a little game.

Where did the official site go?

The dictator cannot just stop dying now!

It's a decent game for $1. Distinct lack of long notes when it matters.

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One of the best games in the bundle! Very cute characters and relatable world. Reminded me of the ol Gorillaz site.  A few minigames are a bit too hard and a few a bit too easy, but I really enjoyed it overall.

I really enjoyed this one. Might actually give the main game a chance.

I knew banana would not let me down...


One of the buggiest games I've seen on here. No sound, no music, the track info keeps popping up as if it's trying to stream music out of somewhere, resolution bad, aiming is above where the cursor is. Bad!

Game of the bundle for sure.

Ugh, why can't I ever escape that Elden Ring garbage???

I think I tried this one a year or so ago and did not like it. Shame it has my name...

I would love to give this a go, but I don't like math...

Oh, I'm glad Tetris games were not banned in the Ukraine bundle.

Come ooon cheap games!

Here is my level: A zombie apocalypse is starting and you gotta protect the children, but also you know it's the end so you just gotta bite the bullet. D916H08H6A8A6D17A6A0H8A6A18C06B17A06I8A6A8A1A06C17A06I8A6A8A1A06C17A06I8A6A8A6D17A06I8A6A8A6D17A06E8D6B8A6A9B5A1An0AnAnAnAnAnAn8An6AsAsB1P0Q

What kind of a 4K monitor do I need to even see the whole menu? 0/10

Not sure if development hell or development purgatory...

It's rare when I play a game so good I'm like "This should come pre-installed with Windows."

You have to choose the actual bpm of the track. You can google how to get that.

Ah, what a letdown. The custom mode works, but it mutes the music usually when a hold prompt comes up. Even tried turning off sounds, but it still mutes it. If a few issues are fixed, it could be my favorite game on itch.

Undertale but a rhythm game. It's not bad.

It wasn't obvious enough. I tried cleaning a lot of stuff around there. Maybe didn't swipe vigourously enough.

There are real problems with the customize keys menu. It seems to be random if it's gonna bind a key or just flicker and then leave the field empty. After warping to a new system my generator seems to be broken and smoking all off the time. I can weld it, but then I can't figure out how to cool it down.

This was a great take and I hope the real deal plays it. I'm sure it's not easy being the guy on the game cover.


What a great fan tribute, now with added Doom 2016 mechanics!

Yeah, the artstyle is a bit too far from the classic SS games.  Maybe there will be more distinct enemy design for the final version.

Wow, this is actually super good and just what I wanted I Hate Running Backwards to be.