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It's rare when I play a game so good I'm like "This should come pre-installed with Windows."

You have to choose the actual bpm of the track. You can google how to get that.

Ah, what a letdown. The custom mode works, but it mutes the music usually when a hold prompt comes up. Even tried turning off sounds, but it still mutes it. If a few issues are fixed, it could be my favorite game on itch.

Undertale but a rhythm game. It's not bad.

It wasn't obvious enough. I tried cleaning a lot of stuff around there. Maybe didn't swipe vigourously enough.

There are real problems with the customize keys menu. It seems to be random if it's gonna bind a key or just flicker and then leave the field empty. After warping to a new system my generator seems to be broken and smoking all off the time. I can weld it, but then I can't figure out how to cool it down.

This was a great take and I hope the real deal plays it. I'm sure it's not easy being the guy on the game cover.


What a great fan tribute, now with added Doom 2016 mechanics!

Yeah, the artstyle is a bit too far from the classic SS games.  Maybe there will be more distinct enemy design for the final version.

Wow, this is actually super good and just what I wanted I Hate Running Backwards to be.