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Delightful game! Loved the music, too. I wanted to roll these little guys up into a katamari lol.

Yay, glad you liked it!

Wow, this game is incredible! I haven't unlocked all the areas yet, but I'm already looking forward to returning and exploring more, lingering, seeing who else has come through and what traces they've left.

Hooray, glad you liked it! Thank you :)!

Strange and unsettling. "When in doubt, choose 'C'" is not going to work on this test lol. Loved it, thank you!

I love this so much, thank you. I read it about five times and felt moments of wonder and awe each time :).

Thank you so much for playing, and for this lovely, sinuous comment!

Oh wow, hooray!! Thanks for playing, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)! And thanks for the feedback about the text size--I'll fiddle with it after the jam. I really appreciate it!

Wow, what a surprising concept, that you've created a very convincing reality around! Like, of course soda would have a winning personality, and of course that's what their favorite food would be lol. Makes me wonder about all of the ordinary, non-emotionally freighted "stuff" that's around us during the pivotal moments in our lives. Thanks for a great game!

Great game! Like others, I loved the juxtaposition of lush and icy--very fitting. And I was totally delighted when I took a look at this game in Twine :).

I really enjoyed this! A multi-course meal is such a smart way to deal with the one-choice constraint. I loved the descriptions of the courses, and the sort of clinical accounting of the guest's sensations as they consumed the food. It felt odd in a way that I really liked. I look forward to replaying if you decide to re-write the lost content!

Oh, I love this, thank you so much for sharing it, Sophia! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game, and I love the title you gave the poem, too :)!

Thanks, I really enjoyed this! The 500-word limit really lends itself to games that are about things, but also more general things. I think this game did that really well. And sportsball was a great choice--a sport with highs and lows and many worthy teams. Here's to next season!

Oh, wow, I am so happy that you liked these! Hooray! Making these little worlds in Bitsy really helped make my own "little world" of covid lockdown seem less scary, so it makes me doubly happy that you have also gotten some enjoyment from it :D!

I really enjoyed swimming around this little pond, with its quirky details. I canʻt figure out how to hide spoilers on here, but there was a really delightful moment where I went, whee!! 

Iʻm so glad you liked it--thanks for playing :)!!

Tiny and vast all at the same time. Breathtaking and hopeful. Thank you so much, I love this game!

I really enjoyed this! I love how you suggest a very vast network of conversations and relationships and connections, with only 500 words and in the limited space of an envelope! 

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :).

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Oh, awesome, thank you so much! Hooray! (this game is going to be funner than it sounds, I promise lol)

Hello! The game I'd like to make is a kind of "open-world fish tank." It would be no more than 500 words across all the different paths combined. However, it would not have a set ending. Instead, you would be faced with the same limited choices over and over for however long you wanted to play. Would something like that be allowed? If not, I understand! Either way, thank you folks so much or organizing this jam :).

Yay, thank you, glad you liked it :D!

I also have issues with the night, so I really love this, thank you!

Yay, will do! Thank you so much :D!

I made a guy with this that I really like! Is it ok to use it as an avatar on things like twitter or discord, if I include credit and link somewhere in my profile or in the embedded metadata? 



Haha, thank you Peter, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)! And as for the avatar, I was going for "dog"; I'm pleasantly surprised that it mostly came across that way!

Very powerful--thank you.

This was really lovely, thank you!

Really sweet and delightful. A little world indeed :).

Congratulations, everyone! I loved The Coffin Maker and had a blast playing all of the games :). Thank you sub-Q for hosting!

Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it :)!

Thanks @quasiotter, glad you enjoyed it :)!

Thanks so much for the feedback--so glad you enjoyed the game! Ghosted was one of my faves as well. Cheers!

Thanks so much for the feedback, Felicity! The general premise of the game was to move through different "domains" of language (e.g., architectural, art historical, botanical, food-related, etc.) in a way that, in general, didn't present the choices as being binary or otherwise mutually exclusive. I wanted the player's experience to be one of looping and meandering, rather than drilling down in a super linear way.  Structurally, the game is pretty much branch and bottleneck. It branches exponentially, sometimes to the point where there are 64 different choices, then narrows back down to one or two choices. While this creates a lot of potential paths through *parts* of the game, I don't think there would be very much (perceived) variation in subsequent playthroughs. In retrospect, I think it probably would have been more effective to funnel people into different nodes  so that there would be significant differences in people's experiences and emotions if they chose to replay the game.  Anyhow, thank you again for playing, and thank you for the feedback :)!!

Thank you--glad you enjoyed it!