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Laura Romano

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this is such a fun game! the overall style is super fun and the story is very funny and absurd! super dope stuff all around and a great ending lol

ty for playing!!

so glad you enjoyed your stay, and your croixsaint!!

ah this game is so charming and sweet!! the art is super lovely and the part about the drawing was really touching! you two are both so lucky to have each other! 

this is such a cute, fun game! i really enjoyed learning about all the creatures and figuring out which plants did what! the sounds were also super nice too, it created a nice feel to the game, especially coupled with the art! great job!

what an experience!! this game, especially the writing, has such a visceral, cathartic feel to it. I really love the use of art and color in this, it worked with the narrative beautifully. i played through both endings and both were so vivid and meaningful. love all the layers and room for interpretation here, really great stuff!

what a cool, unsettling experience! I really love how everything comes together here, it’s all so unique and visceral, with every component complementing everything else: the gameplay, art, sound, writing, etc. great job!

Finally got a chance to play this, it's so lovely!! Really enjoyed the parallel strings of dialogue with each different mushroom, sprout, and bird. The art, music, and sound design are also all so lovely and come together super well!

This was a cool game to play through, it all felt very well put together! I enjoyed being able to customize my character, exploring the world was interesting, and the descriptions were rich and effective and set the tone for the game nicely! I also really enjoyed the fairy tale quality of the UI and the art, it all worked super well with the story. Great job!

Finally got a chance to play this and I really enjoyed it!! I loved all the characters, especially their designs and the way they change color based on their emotions. The rest of the art and the music also built out the vibe of the game really well! I also really enjoyed the choices, they were simple and effective as they made me realize how much I wanted the crew to succeed because even though I knew the choices probably didn’t matter in terms of changing the ending, I always wanted to choose the option that seemed like it would help the character out the most. Great job!!

tysm for playing!! i'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate the feedback! :)

thx for playing!

ty for playing! :)

lol one day we will be able to be frogs shooting frogs out of frogs at other frogs... one day!!

I enjoyed the simple, but effective graphics and I had a fun time hopping around! Nice job!

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Ty for playing, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Tysm for playing, and I appreciate the feedback! :)

Nice job setting up the story within such a short conversation, both the little details and the background photo really helped paint a picture! I also enjoyed the frog fact at the end, it was an interesting way to tie their struggles in with the theme!

The simple story and message complemented each other very nicely, and I also enjoyed the variety in the gameplay. That space art at the end was also especially lovely!

I really liked the point-and-click gameplay here! Figuring out how to do the spell was a fun little puzzle to solve. Also, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I thought the choice at the end was super interesting!

Tysm for playing!! :)

tysm for playing!! glad the frog research paid off lol

This is such a cool and creative way to make a game! The story was sweet and I enjoyed the little mini games. Nice job!

The art is really cute and the point and click elements are very intuitive and fun! Nice job!

thank you for playing!! and yeah, I hear you, I meant to add music, but ran out of time!

Tysm for playing, glad you enjoyed it!! :)

What a fun concept! The character art was lovely, and getting to meet them all was great. I accidentally asked the NFT bro to play with me instead of Sarah :/ But I did get Tony Macaroni on drums, so I wouldn’t count my run as a total failure lol