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Hi everyone,

Raiders of the Lost Island is now ready to return to, as a fully released game, on March 25, 2021!
After 4 years, or 3000+ hours, after Steam and Nintendo Switch versions, and such an amazing journey, it all comes back to, where it all started as a Global Game Jam demo, in 2017.

Join us for the Release Party, as we will play the game live on Twitch.

Thank you all, who have been with us during the development, and Welcome to all the fans of couch co-op games!
See you at the party on March 25, 19:00 UTC+2
And be ready for a solid release discount!

Aha, using J and H its lot more controllable. Managed to finish. Awesome surprise at the end :D

cool idea! Are there any differences between the toasts, beside visuals and appetite? :D I kept failing the second one :D

Raiders Of The Lost Island is now fully released on Steam with support for Remote Play Together which is an unique Steam feature. The next milestone is the Nintendo Switch version. And with that, Raiders will return to too, hopefully in the following months.

Still alive. Preparing for full release this summer.

big thanks, will try again

Hey, cute game - looks like it only has 3 objects to place, is there a way to advance and add more? Like in the screenshots? Thanks!

The game is ready to enter the Early Access stage.
Date to be announced really soon...
Here is some gameplay video:

Focusing my efforts on Steam for now. will get the full version when ready. Simultaneous release on multiple stores/platforms seems like too much to handle for one person working on a game in free time :(

Sorry for late replay. The game is entering Early Access on Steam, really soon. Add it in your Steam wishlist if you want to be notified, or follow us on social media for the announcement. On it will be available as a full version when ready - probably another half a year or so.

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Join one week of raiding the Lost Island with your friends! Steal the treasures, build the boat, survive and have the time of your life!


This is a PARTY game with LOCAL CO-OP MULTIPLAYER. The best fun is in 3 or 4 players. Works in 2 as well, but playing alone is just... lonely. Recommended with gamepads, but 2 players may join on one keyboard if needed.

Join Discord

We'd love to hear from you. Give us your feedback, tell us about your experience with the game, ask for support, or just come and say hi!

The BETA event starts on March 29th and the STEAM ACCESS KEYS will be limited for one week.

The ALPHA demo was removed from download, since it is no longer representative for the progression of the game.

CLOSED BETA demo coming in February 2019
Contact me to request access to it!

Awesome play, guys! I'm happy you had fun with it. I plan for better/more music and audio in general, more islands, gameplay mechanics, new characters, etc. Thanks for streaming your play!

Please add your feedback for the game in this thread.

I'd be really happy to hear about your experience playing it with your friends.

Also, what do you think would make the game better? What new characters would you like to play with, what fancy items would you want to find, what motivates you to build the boat when your friends have their pockets full of diamonds? 

I have a long list of ideas, but since my work time is limited, I'd like to focus on what's important for you.


This ALPHA DEMO is not representative of the final product!

Though it only has one level and misses many visual, audio and gameplay elements, it demonstrates the general intention and it may give you many hours of fun!


The purpose of the Alpha Demo is to grow the game's visibility among the players. So, if you like it, follow the game on social networks and share the news with your friends. If you're having a great fun playing it, consider recording and sharing videos or stream your play sessions. Use the #raidersofthelostisland tag where relevant. And let me know about it - it's very motivating for me to see people having fun with my game.

Also, I hope to gather your feedback about the game. I opened a Feedback topic here, but really any channel would do. Check the official website for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, links or email. So, what do you want in the game, what improvements would you like? I have a long list but my work time is limited and I'd like to focus on what's important to you.


On the avatars selection page, you can open the controls options by pressing (X) on gamepad or on keyboard. Here you can assign gamepads or keyboard to each of the 4 players.

Xbox360 controllers are recommended, but the game can be played with 2 players on keyboards and 2 sharing one controller if you don't have enough of those.

If you find it difficult to walk your avatar straight, check the additional options on this controls page. Try the unaligned setting that works well with keyboard or with the directional pad. Also try the snapping option to 8 directions "8D" instead of "smooth".

As an advanced feature, you can reconfigure controls in the Unity3d popup dialog (the Input tab) when starting the game.


By default, the keyboard mapping uses [arrow] keys for movement and [left control] and [left shift] as the 2 action buttons (A) and (X). [Enter] is (A) in menu and [Escape] is (B). When the tips on the controls bars show (X) or (Y) buttons, you can use the [X] or [Y] keyboard keys for that.

For other details read the readme.txt included in the game's folder.

Have fun!