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Raiders of the Lost Island

Up to 4 players compete in looting treasures from a sinking island, while building a boat to survive the final wave. · By Last Tales

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A topic by Last Tales created Mar 24, 2019 Views: 254 Replies: 2
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Join one week of raiding the Lost Island with your friends! Steal the treasures, build the boat, survive and have the time of your life!


This is a PARTY game with LOCAL CO-OP MULTIPLAYER. The best fun is in 3 or 4 players. Works in 2 as well, but playing alone is just... lonely. Recommended with gamepads, but 2 players may join on one keyboard if needed.

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We'd love to hear from you. Give us your feedback, tell us about your experience with the game, ask for support, or just come and say hi!

The BETA event starts on March 29th and the STEAM ACCESS KEYS will be limited for one week.

Hey, I unfortunately just found this game! Can I still somehow get access to it?


Sorry for late replay. The game is entering Early Access on Steam, really soon. Add it in your Steam wishlist if you want to be notified, or follow us on social media for the announcement. On it will be available as a full version when ready - probably another half a year or so.