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Raiders of the Lost Island

Up to 4 players compete in looting treasures from a sinking island, while building a boat to survive the final wave. · By Last Tales


A topic by Last Tales created Sep 17, 2017 Views: 298 Replies: 1
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Please add your feedback for the game in this thread.

I'd be really happy to hear about your experience playing it with your friends.

Also, what do you think would make the game better? What new characters would you like to play with, what fancy items would you want to find, what motivates you to build the boat when your friends have their pockets full of diamonds? 

I have a long list of ideas, but since my work time is limited, I'd like to focus on what's important for you.

Love the theme, the music and the controls, though new players will probably need a bit of an adjustment with them.

It has lots of potential, game-wise (many more maps, treasures, traps and puzzles, weapons) and eye-candy wise (wet dirt, critters a.s.o.).

What I really missed was the warning of 'last wave', not necessarily a timer, but the wave gauge being a lot more 'aggressive' towards the end of the game. I've missed it, at first, but I observed that the upper part of the gauge is turning gradually from blue to yellow and red, as the game advances. A timer would spoil the purpose of not knowing when exactly the approaching, impending doom is due, but maybe alert the players that the last wave is coming fast, by shaking the gauge towards the end of the round faster and faster?

The game is lots of fun with family and "friends" (better said, frienemies :P) and I can't wait to see more on the development of it. Subscribed to your social media accounts. Good job and keep up the good work!

P.S.> What I really loved the most in this game is that I can actually win when not playing with Eddie... or not...