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Hi! Thanks! It isn't that hard. I send a few raycasts from center and from wings down and forward relative to player. Then calculate average normal to the ground and use difference with forward and right vector to add control values. And I use distance to the ground to change input weights. Like it's harder to go down if you're close to the ground. But I spent a few days to figure it all out.

Music is pretty annoying. Platforms are dropping too fast, I think faster than you can run on them sometimes.

Nice game, but it would be nice to see hint that changing world in this place is a bad idea. Reminds me Mooseman.

If abilities have cooldown then it would be better to show them. I had no idea when I can use my abilities and when not. And enemies are too fast, hard to possess them.

Hard to tell where should I go. Couldn't jump on air conditioner. But looks good.

Controls feel kinda laggy, visuals are nice. Hard to dodge enemy bullets and enemies feel like bullet sponge.

I really liked idea. Puzzles are fun to solve but it would be better you could see traps in walls.

Cute arena shooter. But too many enemies and no real tactics.

Intro is too long and I couldn't do anything in that time. But nice job overral.

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Final version. Had to change a few gameplay elements and fix bugs in last minute but managed to finish it.

Hardest part of the game for now.