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IT'S SPRING AGAIN! Garden Beetle has been out for over a year now and from this day on, its new price will be just $1!

If you are a fan of classic arcade style action maze games, give it a try and support my game! Feedback is appreciated and all support is welcome!

Garden Beetle features 50 levels including 5 vs. rival beetle levels, 3 difficulty levels, accolades to unlock, and an in-game classic style instruction manual.

Thank you to all who have supported me in the past & I hope you all have a great spring and 2022!

Thank you! Appreciate the positive review and feedback!

Thank you for the kind review! Glad he enjoyed it!

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For those celebrating Thanksgiving, hope you had a great Thanksgiving! For everyone, Black Friday sales are now going on now and to celebrate the holiday and the launch of Garden Beetle, you can get it from now until Monday at 20% off!

In the spirit of roasting, Garden Beetle is also on "Roast My Game!" Bounce over there, if you'd like, to give it and any other game that catches your eye a good roasting!

Ok, thank you! I have found the controls definitely feel better with a gamepad or joystick. I probably need to look a little deeper into how to make keyboard controls in Unity feel better.

Hi, thank you for the feedback. The beetle does always finish moving to the next tile. You can change direction and it will finish backing up to the previous tile, but it won't stop between tiles. I've tried to smooth out the feel of it as best as I can, but I think I got into the habit of turning just a hair early (similar to Pac-Man) and I got used to it. Were you using a gamepad or keyboard, and if a keyboard, were you using arrows, WASD, or numpad arrows?

Yes, that worked! Thanks so much!

The game looks fun with a clever concept! Great job on the trailer, too! Has a good strong opening and gives a good idea of the moment-to-moment gameplay.

Hi everyone!

I finally finished my first solo game project, Garden Beetle,  and uploaded it to It's also my first time building an page, and putting together a trailer. Any feedback is appreciated! 

One question I can pose up front is: how do I have it host my web build of the game and still show the trailer video & screenshots on the right of the screen? I've seen this on other project pages but I can't figure out how to do it. If I switch the project to downloadable, I can see screenshots & video but no embedded web build, and if I select HTML, I get the embedded web build but no screenshots & video.


Hi Xanderwood,

Finished and uploaded my first solo project, Garden Beetle. It's a bit of a throwback to classic arcade style games. Should be easy to play in quick installments. If you play it, would love to hear your feedback.


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After several months of development, version 1.0 of my solo project, Garden Beetle, is finally live and available in the store!

Garden Beetle is a 2D action game in the style of classic arcade games I grew up with. You race your hungry beetle around a maze-like garden, avoiding hostile enemies, while you try to eat all of the vegetables to clear the level before time's up.