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thank you so much! :)

it is not, no

yeah, definitely! :) it's very similar :D

yes, absolutely! :)

thank you so much, i really appreciate it :)

thank you :) and they're all CC0

no, they are not, but i did use various reference photos to create them :)

thank you so much :) i'm seriously glad you like it!

thank you so much, i really appreciate it! :)

Hey everyone, 

I just released a new pixel art backgrounds pack. This asset pack includes different pixel art background assets to help you create the perfect game environment. Each one is carefully crafted with attention to detail, and they all come in a handy .PNG format, so you can easily use them in your game. Each background is provided in its original 384x216 resolution. I've also included 3 wallpaper versions for each (two with a CRT filter applied). 

I will be updating this pack (for free) at least once a week, each time with 4 new backgrounds. I will also be raising the price once the pack grows larger, so be sure to grab it as soon as you can.

Thank you for your support!

Here's what you can expect to find in those packs:

well, good luck with that then! :) can't wait to play it when it's done :D

it's pretty cool, really nice little arcade game :D keep it up!