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Yes, you can team up however you'd like! Just keep in mind that joint-created entries count towards the total submission limit of 3 for each person on the team. Happy jamming!

Feel free to work on your game before the jam submission period starts!

Either option is fine as long as the game is free to play during the jam and two weeks immediately after the end of the jam period.

Happy jamming!

Hi there, thank you for asking! Pictures/character sprites/backgrounds are a-okay to include.

Thank you! Making this one was a very joyful process so I'm glad it sparked joy to read as well.

No worries - life happens! If you're inspired, you can always continue developing a game with your songs and earmark us in the independent release. We hope we'll see you next time!

If you're using Brave or a browser on private/incognito mode, that could be causing the error. I tested it on Chome and Firefox just now and both worked - hope you're able to play soon! 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it - that atmosphere is exactly what I was going for. 

The summer of anti-romance is in full swing! 

We're almost at the midway point of the jam period! To celebrate the submissions already in the gallery and encourage those in progress, the submission list is now publicly visible.

Check them out here!

Submissions are open through 14 July 2023, so keep on jamming!

A lovely bite-sized delight of a game! Never too heavy like the hash from the cellar on 42nd Street, but not so light it leaves you wanting.  Really, a surreal evergreen treat. :D

Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I am so, so pleased by this reaction. :D 

Thank you! That's what I get for uploading at 4am haha. Both bugs should be fixed now and the updated version is live (make sure you refresh the page to load the new build). 

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the little devil on my shoulder didn't convince me to do Ectocomp until a few days before the deadline, so I pruned much of the branching I originally considered for the sake of time. (This was also intended to be a Petite Mort entry, but that's another story....LOL) The majority of the branching sits in the name-entry choice.

Ahh this was such a delicious experience! I had a little hunch about the poem inspiration based on the quoted lines at the beginning of each POV, and when I hit the end scene of Emilia's section, I literally had to get up and take a little walk about the room to calm my poetry nerd heart. This was such a wonderful game (and that tagline! feels like it's smirking at me post-play in the best way). 

Gorgeous prose! I really enjoyed the subtle tonal shifts from Demetrios' party dialogue to Peter's recollection and internal monologue. This story is one that I'll be pondering in the corners of cold nights for sure.

Sweet, thanks for the speedy reply!

all roads lead back to noob-ness ;)

Some jams have very limited development time constraints (I'm thinking specifically of Ectocomp and the 4-hour-creation-time Petite Mort category), so updates aren't allowed after the jam has ended to showcase those efforts. Every jam has its own approach and rules, so I figured it'd be safer to check before getting too deep into planning, haha.

Hi James, 

Thanks for opening this jam to Twiners across the world! Very excited to see all the entries. Are project updates allowed after the jam submission/voting period ends?


Thank you! I also saw your review on the IF Forum - double thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it and will investigate that pesky Dana thing this evening. 


Thank you so much! My apologies for such a long delay in replying - your kind words are as dear to me now as when I first read them. I appreciate your playing and your feedback!

Hello and thank you for playing! So sorry for the delay in my response - my raven must have gotten waylaid. 

The longest delay in this essay passage is hardcoded at 5 seconds - if you're stuck waiting, try exiting the game with the back button on your browser or refreshing the page. It'll begin the passage again, but that seemed to fix any timing problems when I tested it. Also, if you've previously played and have an old save file from before November/December 2021, please make sure you refresh before starting the game! Sometimes browsers won't load the newest version without that.

Thank you for playing!

Hi there, so sorry for the delay! 

I've tested the updated build on a few different browsers and it seems to be may need to refresh the tab/hit back and then "run manuscript" again. The longest delay is hardcoded at 5 seconds, so it definitely shouldn't be taking too long. Also, if you've previously played and have an old save file from before November/December 2021, please make sure you refresh before starting the game! Sometimes browsers won't load the newest version without that.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much! I am extremely flattered, I love Poirot! I hope you'll enjoy the next part just as much. 😊

Ahh thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed playing it! This is so kind. Can't wait to share the next part with you!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo so far, and I hope you'll have just as much fun with the next part!

Thanks for hosting this jam! I had such a great time putting my submission together and getting to know the community more. Can't wait for the next one! 

I'll look into it, but the wait time is deliberately an inconveniently long period. It's intended to force the player to re-read the single line and let it sink in, rather than quickly going to the next chunk of text. The discomfort and inescapability of that stasis is meant to convey an alternate flavor of how last spring felt for many Asian Americans.

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing! The essay section runs on a set of timers. More (interactable) text will appear after a set amount of time; the HTML counter does have a weird reaction if you click away from the game tab after loading the passage, so that may have thrown off the timer. If the rest of the essay passage still doesn't show up, please let me know (preferably with screenshots) here, or on tumblr @lapinlunaire-games :) 

Thanks! I'm working on getting it ironed out now. 

Thanks for playing! It looks like there's an issue with how the game is recording certain player choices leading up to that scene. Could you tell me what you chose to do when you first met Fortinbras and when you saw the bodies

This is so gorgeous and compelling! I love how delicate and rich the character building is for both Florence and Cora, as well as for John, and the reveal is just excellent. You really nailed this late Victorian Gothic atmosphere!