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Let me introduce you to my new little game.

It is a game where you have to train your animals for fighting. First you capture them when they are babies, then make them evolve and use their magic skills to defeat your enemies. You will have to understand their type (fire, water, plant, electric...), their advantages and disadvantages.

But you can also build your base, use many different weapons, improve your buildings, create traps, use the many items at your disposal that will give you all kinds of advantage.

You can also build your village with your friends thanks to the team system.

The more points you accumulate, the more interesting badges you will be able to claim, which will give you fame all over the world while giving you interesting advantages.

Any suggestions?

Heroku which is free

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Thank you very much for your answer.

For the point 2, I would suggest you to provide a theme, a subject or a word like the most other gamejam do. Maybe for the next event?

I can't wait to start this event!


Congratulations, your event seems really cool.
However, I have some questions:

1 - Could I use my own private framework which is closed source? Well, most of the well known io games does not really use a public repository framework so I don't get why we are forced to use such tools? Also is not really open source, isn't it?

2 - How will you be sure we do not start the project right now? In a game jam you don't usually make any money so we don't really care , but as is the case in this event, will you do some checks? A solution could be to ask people to stream the event?

3 - It's related to the first question, but do we need to release the source code of our game?

I would love to participate to such event
Kind regards,