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You should add that into the game! I love watching AIs duke it out! 

Just strong enough imo. It must've been fun to program!

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Really enjoyed that! The AI was tough.

Thanks Krozo! Glad you enjoyed :)

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed, and thanks for playing : )

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Picowars for the PICO-8 is out! Play through a prequel to the turn based war strategy Advance Wars series by Nintendo.  Face new enemies and challenges that reveal insights into characters from the original series.

Play here:

Nice! Congrats!

I stayed for 6 years alive great game

I'm glad to hear I made you cry!

Thanks a lot!

Just happy coincidences!

bad in a bad way

thanks i hate hate

Ty    glad you enjoy


That was super! I love the stretchy arm mechanic. Medusa monster best monster ;; <3

This game is hard, but thrilling. Hoping for the ability to full screen in the future.


That's all I meant! I hit it pretty early on so my impression was buggyness, though after playing the rest of the way through I didn't hit any problems so I may have overstated the buggyness.

I think all I did was run under that block I'm in and jump a couple times at the wall. Then i slid in and could jump around anywhere inside(and only inside) the wall so I climbed up into that block.

This has so much potential! But it seems a little buggy right now, and the death game mechanic feels like it could be explored further. The music is also pretty grating, but hey it's a game jam. The art, animation and effects are top notch and I'd love to see the game idea explored further. 
Also is this a bug? I'm trapped in the wall!