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If you download the opera gx browser you can play it in your browser:

TYSM! Agreed on the AI. I think it's a wee bit easier than Advance Wars AI.

"I like this more than Advance Wars!"

what a review!

What were your thoughts on tweaking it?

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. And yeah, it follows the original advance wars mechanics in that way

Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for your support <3

The sequel is Advance Wars by Nintendo, lol

Congrats on discovering that much out on your own! Here's a short guide:

The game was made for Advance Wars players so it can be a little difficult for noobies at first! 

omg haha thank you for reporting this that is SUCH a huge bug. I just might have to fix it.

Really enjoyed the beginning! The controls were a little confusing though it's impressive to have finished this during the jam!

You da bess! Thanks Xecestel! 

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This is awesome, but I'm really confused about the differences between  BGM, BGS, SFX and MFX. It seems like I should use play_bgm for background music. However play_sfx doesn't work at all for me, and I had to use play_bgs which I'm not sure is the right thing to be using for sound effects. I'm especially confused about `MFX`.

TY so much cosmic turd I am glad you loved!

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed playing :)

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed :)

Seems like many of the rooms are purposefully impossible to deduce how to beat on the first try, as the answer is essentially luck-based.

On one hand it adds to the surreal feel of the game where logic is thrown out the window. On the other hand it makes the game frustrating when you have to play the same rooms over and over again just because you were unlucky on one of the later rooms.

The aesthetic, environment, theme, and mood of this game are on point. 

I'm curious what engine you used? It's a really unique and interesting look.

Loving this game. It's incredibly frustrating.

You should add that into the game! I love watching AIs duke it out! 

Just strong enough imo. It must've been fun to program!

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Really enjoyed that! The AI was tough.

Thanks Krozo! Glad you enjoyed :)

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed, and thanks for playing : )

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Picowars for the PICO-8 is out! Play through a prequel to the turn based war strategy Advance Wars series by Nintendo.  Face new enemies and challenges that reveal insights into characters from the original series.

Play here:

Nice! Congrats!

I stayed for 6 years alive great game

I'm glad to hear I made you cry!

Thanks a lot!

Just happy coincidences!

bad in a bad way

thanks i hate hate

Ty    glad you enjoy

That was super! I love the stretchy arm mechanic. Medusa monster best monster ;; <3

This game is hard, but thrilling. Hoping for the ability to full screen in the future.


That's all I meant! I hit it pretty early on so my impression was buggyness, though after playing the rest of the way through I didn't hit any problems so I may have overstated the buggyness.

I think all I did was run under that block I'm in and jump a couple times at the wall. Then i slid in and could jump around anywhere inside(and only inside) the wall so I climbed up into that block.

This has so much potential! But it seems a little buggy right now, and the death game mechanic feels like it could be explored further. The music is also pretty grating, but hey it's a game jam. The art, animation and effects are top notch and I'd love to see the game idea explored further. 
Also is this a bug? I'm trapped in the wall!