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yea.. do you have any problem with that?

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this is okay but i will go ahead and say it is not girlish

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the spikes started looking like hearts at a certain point

if you don't think you will ever beat this game you likely have not considered ALL your options....  paradoxically or not

not satisfied with this comment i want to write a lot

change your pronouns in the settings then, despite being so on the ball she didn't implement alternate verb implementations but could still work.

i do like a buncha terms
i like the sadist much more here because i have no personal sense of boundaries and love using desires, but its hard to make this association since the multiple examples seem to accidentally flip roles at least once when checked against such a perspective.
well.. by this token the sadistic hard game would just also include easy boundaries, but thats it no guides or indication.

tfw have more important things to do

its 4 am

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didn't think of it initially but i remember doing this more as a punishment than a distraction, subversively thats all. glad to have some idea of what i love now so that i can be faithful, away from this shit.. or what ever brain trap you never really leave but yea

cant take you seriously like this after you said you watched every video by settled and the postmortem is really good- very big fan of creation pathways

i really liked some spicy broth soup one time in daycare and have used xspicy soup before but it can only be a one time thing, . until you pull it out again when everyone least expects it lol

story is very s/m vore rather than like a trap. less of a contest of who can get the most honest expression of whatever in in the short time.

i don't think the story opened the door for anykindof non pathetic vore. tbf i don't seem to care about the logistics. without love anything works. foundational for an imagination game..

I always like being in listening to the talk of a room, and for years i held onto anytime of something new. I feel bored seeing what i have through to its end hopefully i can find room for creativity.

i ended like the main game process in task manager and it made it lose some of the sky box on refresh 

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I understand so much in 2d game space as a result of Sylvie.

i wasn't sure about puzzle ecstasy. i immediately felt action ecstasy, and i want to believe you can have the same confidence for puzzles. certainly struggling and playing can accomplish an understanding, even if to do so i need to pretend a current understanding already is enough that i don’t need to go somewhere else. 

being stuck in a puzzle as like being stuck not finding any game to play because you want it to work without bringing up something else. 

my best think times happen when i keep tying in other things, i was skeptical but maybe using a way of practicing incorporations is similar to using a way of practicing actions. 

in practicing actions, may not want to use pacing strategies incase they don't work and lose chunks of time that you don't like to, and may be okay often losing bits of time in a unpaced session where getting started again isn't a too big amount of time. was thinking the ecstasy is only in the latter but either way can reach the excitement that keeps up yourself

anyway, puzzle ecstasy is possible. another place i don't understand falls, although i can't say this is really a finished thought? <-(scary q mark) probably due for another activity, currently on level 8 which i forgot the answer to lol (edit now 14)

actually i now feel capable of moving on and immune to psychic damage, can believe that drama is easy. ahaha i will play umineko but anyway someday everything will be tried and available like now dehumanization, and we wont be getting stuck.

this is a scary story, well i think help can be given without conceit that it'll work. add some other people to talk? open peoples attention to act itself out. thinking trial and error cant be afforded or doesn't pay back i want to say is a big mistake.

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ngu's parallelization you could implement just as a percentage of 100, toggle doing an activity *0.5 and you have another .5 to use.. reduce micro manage,

usually they reduce it with que systems but sounds interesting to avoid it, maybe also having more general [if number is at x or x% then go ahead and buy thing,]

instead of micro waiting to set up the current thing, you add such setups without wait and wait to be surprised by what youll set up next instead.

its like the game can play in your head. it removes some pain and resistance but it makes sense to only have pain from waiting in an idle game, the alternative being making the controls fun which is a different game.

its a personal problem to not avoid mind blank during micro managing but anyway beautiful game

I find drama usually very messy, and even then this is made with so much vested energy that it's exciting.

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i was playing with keyboard control mouse and was leaning to make an abstraction to forget about the mouse, yet mostly mashing and waiting apart from puzzles where i used material also played out nice. character controller sylvie ~ concept spelling sylvie. 

can share that i learned pain doesn't stay in mind within a game, games like one made with language. positivity is just inputs and negativity  is outputs, connect divers inputs i will continue keep say until it works as it appears

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sharing my savefile's (blurry) spaghetti map   -

now after the movement puzzles it feels like the house's order is set up. cat symmetry, wonder about the pictures incorporation to some dreamy map. real bleeding edge game of a memory


oops, anyway i don't think expectations

'narrative', sweet

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Don't think i'll ever love an engine.  wondering for more lived culture production for making games towards the exclusion of some package tool.  i like video games for the re-applicability of active common knowledge game loops, and they work as an engine for developing those.  want to create own games to curate and explore but i guess this moreso happens across many mediums like games?  how do you reformat what you find there.. gameplay? or what

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almost got me into wow subtleties of pronunciation, but no! its not gameplay. also like about 'audio game' but again surely moreso the anyway piece and piecing together qualities!or what  still many angles, but yea no! anyway you made the thing its good

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60fps kitten more like 60 variable kitten.  

can't read! is it just random at that point?

weird (spoiler) strategy:

learning to find any constants like fake walls..

or else enjoy super hexagon triple pendulum deluxe?

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medium is interesting, everything can be in a medium and as a medium and representable in any other medium. all very gradient together, yes! everyone must know

they also call it a medium! i don't know why people don't talk about engines as much as games, and maybe they do but without it materializing in the same way?

finally can understand thecatamite's metaphors about these

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Sylvie's friends are so cute yet different from me huh olala

am trying a pacing score system for it where the methods of platforming each jump can get the staleness, and you try to be all stylish à la that but not so much that you forget things. helps if trying things out is too open, and wow yes open to pure joy..

formalities if still tiering or confusing are to decide a particular medium out of your moves to try and express the jumps with. if many jumps are solved by one medium can call it that season. and you can remember the seasons.. then can understand your moves as accessories that are make up able from the seasons and.. is a cycle, am not confused, will play it up with this game now it makes me feel well and wanted to share now also okay.

oh actually for an example the jump staleness, it maybe seems just for navigation challenge.. i mean  is there exploration staleness too, and how would solve information challenges.. aha jump is just one move, or an abstract symmetry.. a symmetry across many seasons is an accessory, maybe no clear lead to a medium but could be, such thing..

taking it pretty slow..  oops most of what said unrelated to game atm hopefully someone else comments,

cultural precedent for the sick lands of serious weakness. they survived too long like its not really exploring the engine i mean its so formal like a form i don't use, i read it like a mouse where it's a lucky star. counting lucky stars from these got into my thoughts while sick, made me sure to drink any water and but i still don't know priority.

well i wrote this at 40 pages and slowly absently got to 80 pages before coming to. time to channel this to afford the time.. i'll like to read next time more so like mouse houses and setting up and going out or maybe not. anyway not a house but i need a non fantasy game to read this and i believe in reader participation cya bye

not much more thoughtful today although there was a lot more than this that happened.

suspect i only understand to edit the experience of videogame and not that of any other format which limits a lot creativity not being confused(um). i have ideas together though so i will import these pictures into an rpg and see whats what

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sylvie-game collage for sylvie sunday (is why i shared it).. didn't do anything special or try much but i still like it

i think any playthrough of the sylvie games should involve a collage, i have daydream about it being required for any speedrun submissions is a true fact for some reason.

i like always finding new things in these! i also like looking at things together, maybe sometimes it's too much to find an activity within and you just look to it as sweet noise until tiered or something.. well you can probably be okay trying any activity, the picture doesn't need to be a particular way for it. can't 'finish' this thought atm so thats all, okay..


hi Sylvie i was playing this and thinking to learn to play through it all the way in one each time. it's like a touhou music album experience!

I was getting discouraged in getting a bit stuck or trying to do too much at once and i was leaving but saw the thinking about boxes.. i have a good idea i want to add the word mystery to the thinking,

mystery like yume nikki where you loop around looking at a thing (even if nothing is put in there and it's just the screen loops). i have somekindof less memory and have looping around in games as a what puts them to brain instead of special moment (maybe). not remembering particular experiences and moreso collecting very clear boxes and well some arrangement in space to keep them around.      it was a while ago thinking just that and what to add.. feel more towards able read goings on like in game the part apart from able hit inputs of able recognize what input memory time. (you know but like super hexagon where hit the moves and remember the shapes)

also there was talking in as 'reward things'. you know more history but i like there was just a thinking from sakurai the one where a reward was like just in a contrast from a difficulty. it makes sense with like sad in things becoming more stressful or upsetting, and accustom baselines settle in a life such things..      in a plainly 'cool' game like need for madness, to make it opaque i can imagine it giving more a sense of what exactly you discovered! but what kind of opaque is that, just starting from a baseline?      so that could be the difference between the types of reward. a better sense of the change.. something like,

it makes sense still can unpack an opaque box as a culture and one of the individuals may miss the moment to an extent and just learn what results

so then it's the type of opaque or well in only games that are beautiful world, with opaque as extent the beautiful is new, then the spectrum is just in what degree of world is being shared - no because can be any degree of world just different degree of barrier? the barrier as how much world can move to, i suppose away from base genera expect or playstyle. - then vs just putting something away, its like learn how to find it within your life. i think it generalizes..

well in culture baseline of around beautiful world or going everywhere to find what things or everywhere beautiful parse as to enable..  - you can go everywhere and collect it but engaging with a mystery in a if it can change anything for you way.. like you have hobbies\loop to have a sense of you in the first place, so the changing that.. 

well this feels like one complete point at least and i can lens your writing differently if i can remember what is applying where.. maybe i will edit this one if not the just keep going or what

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[spoiler]  ,to an extent likes mystery things: don't get information thisway.. /managed to record some time in second game 

still could have first game and post game information, someone

okay the fun of honing off base methods like you said is i'm still here.  it is sweet the many dimensions of this beyond physics given glimpse by cactusblock and *.. 

also i had a feeling that makes an idea here. it was about getting cozy in a space (/movement in space, in the extent movement is part of the space part of the things liked about the space).  it's a fun although i think it's related to pacing and i don't know how helpfully at this point.  so without that yet it's only maybe lifestyle incorporable in the extent that's a factor.  if the adventure version had ridiculously high prices, with this playstyle you could be at home.  so that's information. - maybe this is a recontext of what you were saying about assuming/finding fun before dismissing to the fun of gamer skill train.  kindof a literacy dimension to skill where they are familiar with frames of context to put any game in where it's fun.  so the same idea and maybe didn't think about ideas could have fun recontext but i guess it's generally the making them more fun to tell to particular context inhabitants, like how now it would be. this is not a complete generalization of recontext..

i tried all around nicely each days, and can access all doubled point fruits in under 100 time.  it's clear, exploration has hardly started.  i could bind all my controls to the point stick, or challenges,  not before i could think of a funny context..

in the past i had a friend who was good at that.  we jumped all around because we had something in mind.  mystery places can become okay for our paths but, i want all the contexts, like just go.  kind of like you, and i think the thing missing to mention is most people get power to go places.  upholding not doing that as still okay, into by say okay or aware, anyway for explore.

also went into concerns about this writing but it was unrelated and now just on my page which i still don't know

you can find something exciting and funny.  i can be upset if it seems a videogame doesn't care.  maybe it really is messy to share likes, if not recognize.  interest groups, open platforms, or just careful topics seem great but i don't know.  literacy/ 

wow sylvie cant get into my whys and stuff but this is really fun