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okay, yeah i understand that :)

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I really love your work. I have an idea. Maybe modular hangar blocks. So you can design bigger ships with hangars. :) But that´s a really nice collection :)

Transparent Materials for Glassy Look. At all for the update with the city collection. Using transperant glasses would really have a better look



Wouldn´t it be better if doors are childs of doorways so you can easily make real working doors in game engines?(Without looking weird because of this frame fixed at the door)

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Dear Developerteam,

I´m using Assetforge for Unity 5.6. Everytime I import a new object with

a texture, there will be automatically added a folder with textures.

But after importing another object the names of the textures which will

be importet to the project are still the same. So in this way the

existing Texture will be overwritten and the old objects will have

another texture. I think it would be cool if you give the user the

chance to name the texture he is creating. Or you have another Idea .

 I love AssetForge it´s a great Idea and perfekt way for programmers to

lower there work for graphics and texturing.

I hope I was able to help making this programm better